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The Sixth Sense is still mind-boggling even after almost 23 years

The Sixth Sense is still mind-boggling even after almost 23 years

It’s been 23 years but The Sixth Sense still remains one of the most what just happened? horror movies of all time. If you’re into horror movies with a splendid twist that you won’t be able to recover from, The Sixth Sense is definitely the next movie you should watch!

The Sixth Sense is still mind-boggling even after almost 23 years

More than just a horror film

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

Also categorized as a psychological thriller film, The Sixth Sense proved that it’s more than just a horror film. Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist, met Vincent Grey once again after the latter broke into the former’s house.

Vincent was Malcolm’s former patient who he had treated as a child for hallucinations. After expressing his anger at Malcolm for not being able to help him before, he shot Malcolm and himself with a gun.

Months later, Malcolm finds himself working with Cole Sear, a 9-year-old boy. Cole reminds Malcolm so much of Vincent that he believes he needs to help him. Malcolm went all the way to help Cole, even sacrificing time for his wife, Anna.

Cole’s mother, Lynn, has always worried about Cole, especially since he has started to sport all sorts of bruises and scars. During a birthday party, Cole was locked inside a cupboard. After that, he finally told Malcolm his secret.

“I see dead people,” he whispered. Cole can see ghosts who wander around like living. These ghosts only see what they want to see, and are unaware that they are already dead.

The ending? An unexpected twist!

Thinking that Cole is delusional, Malcolm almost dropped the case. After listening to a recording of his session with Cole, though, Malcolm, then, realized that what Cole said was true, and decided to help him. Malcolm advised Cole to look for a purpose in his gift.

Since then, Cole has helped ghosts finish their unfinished businesses. After conquering the fear he once had, Cole began fitting in at school and even joined a school play. Afterward, they had to say their farewells as they believe Cole no longer needs Malcolm.

Cole then suggested that Malcolm should talk to his wife while she was asleep so she can communicate better with her. Malcolm agreed. Cole was also able to tell his mom about his secret which made his mom doubtful at first, but eventually believed after Cole told stories about his grandma.

Of course, I’m not going to spill the ending. The ending might already be expected for some. However, for others, like me, it can still be surprising. The movie did a great job of hiding the twist that I felt dumbfounded about when the revelation happened.

The movie has such a great plot that you will be focused on what is going on instead of thinking about the ending. I would say that this is the reason why the ending would always come as a surprise.

Good night, Malcolm.”

The ending of The Sixth Sense will not only make you shocked but also teary-eyed. I cried. Saying goodbye is not easy and will always remain a painful thing to do. What more if you’re not ready for farewell yet?

Of course, I will not say who said goodbye to whom, but it is a very moving part of the movie for me. The shock was replaced almost instantly with sadness as the movie’s ending shifted to a painful turn.

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As Malcolm did what Cole suggested, he discovered something that he did not notice during the past busy days of working with Cole. It has something to do with Anna, his wife, as he grew apart from her as he worked busily with Cole.

This realization is not just shocking but also painful for Malcolm and the audience. Sure, plot twists are meant to twist minds but The Sixth Sense also twisted my heart.

Need a movie to watch next? Put The Sixth Sense on your list!

I barely watch any movie, anyone who knows me knows that. However, The Sixth Sense is an exception. The overall plot of the movie, not just the ending, makes it worth watching.

The psychological issues that were tackled such as hallucinations, psychological treatments, and more, make the movie interesting as well. Sure, it includes a few gruesome scenes such as the ghosts that Cole sees, but it’s not over the top. I

t is also important to notice the parental aspect of the movie. I believe that it contains a lesson for parents to always take time to know their kids and listen to them.

Overall, The Sixth Sense is a movie you could start watching for entertainment but finish with life lessons. It is filled with thrill, a few laughs, a couple of drops of tears, a number of gasps, and tension—and what’s a horror movie without all that, right?

After all, The Sixth Sense will leave you thinking about it for days—not due to being scared but due to being mind-blown.

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