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Technology Imitates Reality

Technology Imitates Reality

If you come into perspective, the human body is parallel to the computer system where they both work within the power of a certain “brain”, as well as the needed coordination of each part to do their job in making the system work cohesively. Furthermore, the importance of each body part is important in keeping the collective whole working similar to that of a computer.

Humans and Computers

With that said, the human body mostly works with the responses that our brain creates. This is completely similar to the computer since it responds to the capacity of the Central processing unit or CPU which mainly controls each part.

Also, we humans run with the energy needed just like the technology’s power system. Utilizing energy to work is vital in the advancement of the computer system where it is the main source of power to continue its process.

Similar to the human skeleton, the motherboard holds the main structure of the computer while ensuring the system’s function. The human skeleton accommodates the human internal organs just like the motherboard’s function to grasp the parts of the system unit. Lastly, the RAM which records the short-term processes in the computer similar to the pre-frontal lobe of the brain where it serves the same function. This archives the quick processes in the computer system and its involvement in storing information.

The Functions

Based on this evidence, the human body and technology are very much alike with the main parts having the same function. Having that information means that computers are still developing just like us, humans who are still in the process of evolution. Moreover, the parallelism between the two is combined with the importance of maximizing each part to the fullest in order to utilize the most work with the computer, as well as our own bodies.

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