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Sustainable and better life choices, one Bätl at a time

Sustainable and better life choices, one Bätl at a time

As our eyes get more and more open about the dangers we’ve put as humans to the environment, we are inclined to apply a sustainable lifestyle moving forward. However, this conscious choice also comes with its cons as eco-friendly products are often priced high and not all, even those who badly want to can afford to buy them.
Good thing, we’ve come across this online store that sells cruel-free insulated tumblers, metal straws, bottles, and glasses that are all budget-friendly and stylish!

One Bätl at a time, sustainable products

Bätl launched January this year and its brand concept came from the simple purpose of trying to make a difference. In our exclusive interview with them, they shared with us how their business’s purpose is not just to earn money but to be part of the advocacy in taking good care of Mother Earth.

“Since the bätl brand’s purpose goes beyond making a profit, we work towards increasing the wellbeing of humanity and all life on our planet by doing our part in advocating sustainability. Through our advocacy, we do not only seek to help make a difference in the planet, but we also seek in helping our customers prioritize their health just by the simple idea of staying hydrated.”
Their products aim to promote awareness of the environmental effects of plastic waste, which will in turn, hopefully, contribute to creating a sustainable world.
Besides, they also have collapsible metal straws that you can carry anywhere so you won’t have to use plastic ones when buying drinks outside.
“We continuously try to innovate and improve our products so you get high-quality flasks. Our products serve the same purpose but are offered at a lower price; thus, you do not have to spend a lot to help the planet.”


Looking for alternatives

In their aim to help minimize plastic waste, Bätl also utilizes recycled paper bags and newspapers as alternatives for bubble wraps.

Bätl offers a range of products that cater to each customer’s preference in design, size, and use. They have insulated tumblers that come in 12oz, 20oz, 22oz, 32oz, and 64oz. Surely, it can quench any thirst! You name it, coffee, water, tea, or even your favorite juices can last hot/cold for hours! And, all below Php2,250! Such a steal, right? You wouldn’t mind splurging and getting their whole collection!
Head on over their site or Instagram page to check out!
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