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Style a pair of black trousers in five different ways!

Style a pair of black trousers in five different ways!

Personally, trousers have easily replaced jeans. Ever since I started wearing one, I hardly find myself reaching for jeans or even buying one. I thrifted one pair of trousers and I bought another one, and then another, and then another that I hardly want to wear anything else anymore. A pair of trousers is just perfect for brunch with the girls, work lunch meetings, on a night out, on dates with your beau, and even during a weekend getaway. Plus, they’re easy to style that would be perfect for tops I own and shoes that I already have. 

So, here are five different ways you can style a pair of black trousers:

brunch with the girls

You can wear black trousers with a ribbed sleeveless top and a pair of similar-colored heels. Then, grab a mini bag with your necessities. Of course, you can accessorize how you want it. But, don’t forget your stylish sunnies to block out the sun.

work lunch meeting

For a lunch meeting, on the other hand, you can look as cute as you want and still girl boss at work. You can wear black trousers with a white mock neck long sleeve. Then, wear either a cropped or baggy sweater vest for a preppy look. Then, wear your trusty platform lace-up loafers and accessorize how you want to.

date with the beau

Going on a date with the beau means you can be as daring and comfortable as you want. Grab a thin cardigan and button the center clasps. Then, complete your outfits with your favorite accessories and a pair of white sneakers.

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on a night out

Night outs are so easy to dress up for. There are times you want to go in a daring outfit but there are times you want to wear something comfortable. That way, you can enjoy the night even more. Just go for a pair of comfortable eye-catching shoes and a simple ribbed top. If it’s a chilly night, grab yourself a leather blazer and have fun.

weekend getaway

It might be surprising to wear a trouser for a weekend getaway. But, it’s actually perfect if you’re on a beach and you’re walking around to go to your next destination. As long as it’s lightweight, it’s actually perfect for a weekend getaway. You can wear your bikini underneath the trousers, grab your sunnies, and pair it with sandals. Put your essentials in a mesh bag. That way, you don’t have excess sand in your stuff.

Style your favorite trouser and let us know how you style them!

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