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Start your virtual assistant career with Tita Din Talks

Start your virtual assistant career with Tita Din Talks

Like the comfort of working at home and being independent? Being a freelance virtual assistant might be the career you want to pursue.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the whole world, the world stopped. People were not allowed to go outside. People started to work from home and some of them lost their jobs permanently. This was when virtual assistance jobs started to become known. Because of this, the demand for skilled virtual assistants is expected to grow more.

If being a virtual assistant is something you want to try, training and preparing are the things you might consider. Tita Din Talks trains aspiring, beginners, and even experienced virtual assistants to reach their full potential in the industry and to have financial freedom.

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

According to Investopedia, a virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office.” This is perfect work from home.

Small businesses and startups are mostly the ones who rely on virtual offices more, to cut down expenses. Companies do not have to provide offices when they rely on virtual assistants, because a virtual assistant is expected to have their own types of equipment such as a computer, software programs, and high-speed internet.

Most virtual assistants’ jobs are in social media, content management, blog post writing, graphic design, and setting meetings and appointments.

Most clients preferred to have experienced and skilled virtual assistance. Thus, aspiring virtual assistants need training before entering the industry.

Life of a Virtual Assistant

Din Asis is the founder of Tita Din Talks which trains any person who wants to reach their full potential as a virtual assistant. She also co-founded the virtual assistant matchmaking company, Home Service VA.

According to Din, she is enjoying the comfort of working and earning at home for two years now. She used to work as an admin in a corporate job for 8 years. Then she started to work online by being an English-Second-Language (ESL) teacher to Chinese Students.

“But I know something’s missing… So, while working part-time as an ESL teacher, I started looking into legit online job sites and I saw there’s a lot of VA job posts and most of the responsibilities are the same when I was an admin,” she said in an interview.

“I sent a lot of applications 200+ to be exact, and I experienced a lot- I failures, no show interviewers, no updates from the companies. But it does not stop me to move forward in the virtual world,” she added.

She also faced a lot of difficulties when she started as a VA. Din also struggled with her confidence when talking to international clients. Yet, she overcame it. She now works independently, has time with her family, and gets the freedom to choose whomever she wants to work with.

Tita Din Talks

Din Asis, working at home, as a Virtual Assistant.
Photo from Din Asis

It is important to know what you are entering and to be prepared. As mentioned earlier, Din Asis founded Tita Din Talks. After all the struggles she faced when she started this career, she now trains aspirants, beginners, and even experienced VAs.

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Virtual Assistant Din Asis
Photo from Din Asis

According to Din, if you want to start your career as a virtual assistant, you need to have knowledge of the tools you might encounter, client culture, how to handle clients, and how the industry works. Tita Din Talks provide all the things you need to know while supporting you along the way to being a VA.

Aside from Tita Din Talks, Din Asis also co-founded the Home Service VA. In the Home Service VA, they match International Home Service Industry business owners to Filipino VAs.

Is being a VA a good start for fresh graduates?

Per Din, she highly recommends it.

I recommend it to fresh graduates because there’s a lot of niche or expertise in Virtual Assistance, even accountancy and management, engineers, graphic artist etc. Sometimes you will choose your path. There’s a lot of opportunities, go for it.

Din’s words of advice to all those who want to pursue a freelance career as a VA:

Don’t focus on what you will earn. Focus on how you can help other people, which is your client. Focus on what you want to reach, your dreams and your goals! Don’t focus on the money. The money itself will just flow to you effortlessly if you enjoy what you are doing, giving the best that you can. Just be yourself, be transparent and honest in your application and with your clients.

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