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Rage shake feature comes to Instagram!


Rage shake feature comes to Instagram!

A few of you might have been familiar with the rage shake option on social media sites like Facebook and Snapchat. It allows a user to vehemently shake their device when they want to report a specific problem. 

Facebook has had the feature for years now. It is applauded for its convenience, allowing easier service to users. Rather than taking time to go to the settings and click a bunch of buttons, you can just “rage shake” your device and voila, you can report a problem straight away!

Said feature will help Instagram to receive inquiries systematically, and for users to report easily. 

Adam Mosseri, an Israeli-American businessman and the head of Instagram, explained the feature in a Twitter post:

Also, did you find something you accidentally included in your photos only after posting them? Fear not, you can delete a photo without actually deleting the entire post! 

Instagram now also allows a person to delete a specific photo from a photostream—or a photo carousel—in Instagram jargon. 

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The rage shake feature and carousel deletion are now available on Instagram in the US. The former is accessible to both IOS and Android users, while the latter is only on IOS. Watch out for news on its availability in the Philippines! 

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What are your thoughts on the new features? Let us know!

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