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Play Free, Have Fun, and Teach Kids with Free Money Games

Play Free, Have Fun, and Teach Kids with Free Money Games

We can say that learning while playing games and having fun is a different hit. Mortgage Calculator got us to experience all of that!

Mortgage Calculator is a website with many fun and educational games for all ages. One of those is the Free Money Games for Kids.

Introducing Free Money Games for Kids

The website promotes teaching a valuable lesson about money and reality that is child-friendly. It has a variety of categories to choose from.

It includes money, real estate, office politics, software development, recycling, green energy, and simulation games for food and business. These are all online financial video games that can be enjoyed by kids and adults.

When you click each category, it has games that you can choose. The number of games can be overwhelming. Your choices are wide and you can play freely. And it is ad-free!

To prove that this is applicable or kids and kids at heart. Of course, we try games from different categories. First, is the Grocery Cashier. Because back when I was a kid, I wanted to be a cashier because of the money and the little machine that keeps the money.

Fun Games You Can Try

First is the “Grocery Cashier” for kids, so they can practice their basic math skills such as addition and subtraction on a virtual cash register. It can be a practice for the child, to try to buy small items from the grocery in reality so they can experience it in real life.

I seriously enjoyed the game and it heals my inner child in some way.

Next is the game, “The Powerpuff Girls Panic in Townsville”. It is under the Real State category. It is our favorite characters Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. The goal is to protect the city game where you help ward off risks associated with natural disasters and monsters.

Moreover, it is fun and easy at the start but more exciting and harder once you achieve each level.

And, the game is called “Farm Factory”. It is under farming simulation games.

Furthermore, it is an idle clicker farming game where you add livestock to a farm and upgrade the farm to earn as much as you can in 5 minutes.

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It can teach the child how to spend and save wisely money and can teach the basics of the farming industry.

The Experience

Overall, the games were fun and educational. The visuals and graphics of the games are vibrant and clear. The sound used in each game is quite catchy. Most importantly, I love the purpose it brings. It is not all about playing the actual game but we are learning from it.

Aside from these fun and educational games that we tried, Mortgage Calculator has more to offer. All the areas are useful and entertaining. It provides financial information that we can learn.

 Despite the challenges and struggles that we are experiencing, Mortgaged Calculator’s Free Online Games can be a refresher. By simply playing and learning from the games they offer. So, if you want to play free, have and learn check the link below.


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