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Pia Wurtzbach goes live for the first-ever TikTok Exclusive

Pia Wurtzbach goes live for the first-ever TikTok Exclusive

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach answered questions using TikTok’s Q&A Live feature. The app launched TikTok Exclusive, an exciting new series of live streams, last May 15. The series sets to feature the hottest and most in-demand celebrities. Then, they will go live and connect with their followers on the platform. During the first-ever live stream for TikTok Exclusive, Pia shared that this actually became her first time to ever go live. She, then, enthusiastically updated her viewers and fans on her life and career. 

Pia Wurtzbach goes live for the first-ever TikTok Exclusive

According to Pia, she has used TikTok for a while now. She also enjoyed watching the videos in the app. She, then, noted that last year served as her first time started uploading content on her own. Now, Pia has over 400-thousand followers on her verified TikTok account. She also said that she enjoys creating more videos about fashion, her travels, and she sometimes even feature her boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey.

Pia also spoke briefly about her controversial TikTok emoji-filled bio. She took it down for a short period but put it back up. A lot of her fans thought that Pia was overseas. They felt surprised to find out during the live stream that she’s actually in the Philippines due to work commitments. In fact, she has been so busy with work that she was unable to fly to the US to watch the recent Miss Universe pageant. Instead, she supported our candidate, Rabiya Mateo from back home.

TikTok Q&A Live

Viewers got to ask Pia questions which mostly revolved around the Miss Universe pageant. She answered questions about Rabiya’s controversial yellow evening gown and the good luck charm she gave the candidate. She also answered a few questions about her personal pageant preparations. Aside from that, Pia also detailed how long it took her to get ready during the competition.

While replying to the audience’s questions, Pia reminisced about the situation backstage every time a cut was made. This led her to promise to share some throwback Miss Universe videos on her TikTok account. And of course, the TikTok Exclusive could not end without Pia demonstrating her iconic smize, much to the delight of the viewers. Watch out for the next TikTok Exclusive, and catch the hottest fan-favorite celebrities who will go live exclusively for you! Download TikTok on your iOS and Android devices today.

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