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Paolo Pangilinan continues ‘Gaya Sa Pelikula’ amid sexual harassment issue

Paolo Pangilinan continues ‘Gaya Sa Pelikula’ amid sexual harassment issue

Sexual harassment in the workplace remains a severe and pervasive problem. Tolerating sexual harassment in the workplace has a huge impact on every aspect of the business. The issue affects employees’ mental health and efficiency. Not to mention, this can also wreak havoc on the company’s reputation and accountability. Another issue of sexual harassment surfaced online in the Philippine showbiz industry. Actor Paolo Pangilinan and poet-screenwriter Juan Miguel Severo are now among trending topics on social media.

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Will Paolo Pangilinan’s management plan to sue Juan Miguel Severo for sexual harassment?

Pangilinan accused Severo of sexual harassment. Juan Miguel Severo also serves as the creator and writer of the Boy’s Love (BL) series Gaya Sa Pelikula.

Basically, BL series actors Paolo and Ian Pangilinan play the role of two college students who struggle with their family issues and identities. The show also became available on YouTube for streaming in September 2020. But as it hits popularity, Netflix acquired it for viewers in Southeast Asia.

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However, the triumph of Gaya sa Pelikula has an intrigue.

According to a source, Paolo Pangilinan posted a tweet on June 20 regarding the people harassing him. Aside from that, he warned the person he talked about to hide as he awaits.

“Basta yung sa’kin lang harassers shouldn’t assert be put in positions of power esp when they’ve been reported already thank u no delete.”  

Even though Pangilinan did not mention a name, a netizen with the user name @littlebirdyyy tweeted on June 21 regarding this matter. Then, another tweet speculated that Cornerstone Entertainment is planning to file charges against Severo.

“Cornerstone Pao’s management is now planning to file charges against Juan Miguel Severo a.k.a. Gege as he harassed Pao several times and there are three other victims.”

Paolo Pangilinan continues ‘Gaya Sa Pelikula’ amid sexual harassment issue

Allegedly, the BL series creator has already deactivated his Twitter account. BL fans instantly went on the social media platform to air out their shock, outrage, and betrayal against the media personality. Netizens has also started calling him a hypocrite. Others used the chance to make fun of him being a prominent critic of the administration and a “woketard”. 

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In line with this case, Head of the Production outfit Globe Studios Quark Henares shared a statement online:

“Hi everyone, need to caveat this. @PaoPangs wants to keep doing GSP. but we understand that you have been traumatized as well. we’ve considered moving on and finding something else to do together. but no matter what,we stand together.”

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