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Paghilom: Her Journey of Finding Serenity and Healing

Paghilom: Her Journey of Finding Serenity and Healing

The author’s breakup tale was the reason.

After breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, the author of the book Paghilom, Kim Derla, composed the book’s contents as part of her healing process.

The collection includes poetry and essays that she penned on any aspect of her suffering that she felt compelled to share. And she didn’t decide to publish it until 2020 after she had done writing it.

On her website, she mentioned, when I was broken-hearted, my initial reaction was to write a book that would be entitled Paghilom. I even kept on saying these to my colleagues because I just needed to write it back then.

Poems and essays helped me survived during my darkest days. Whenever I feel down, and whenever the day was unbearable, I made myself busy by writing poems.

Whenever I feel the toughness of life, I write.

Because of her family and friends’ support, she could heal and await serenity after experiencing heartbreak and misery.

I started by not thinking of having this book published. I just wrote freely, without thinking of rules, and the usual conventions. I just wrote whatever I came up with after going to places, traveling to unknown provinces, and thinking deeply about life.

After that, I collated and compiled these in a file. Then, I asked Ate Beth to proofread and edit it. After she edited it, she also did the book layout. I collaborated with Kuya Dar Murillo for the illustrations and the book cover. I also asked my friend Stowie to finalize the book cover layout, Kim mentioned.

These are some of my favorite poems I read on Paghilom:

Most of Kim Derla’s friends and acquaintances hold her in high regard. She is the “ate” of everyone.

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She developed an early interest in writing, and her quest to become a published author began while she was still in college. After having several books published by a traditional publisher, she opted to release Paghilom independently in 2021. However, her current traditional publisher released the book in 2022, coinciding with the completion of her thesis.

Since its release, Kim Derla’s Paghilom has been a constant best-seller at the National Bookstore.

How about you? What’s your healing story? Will you also write a book about your healing stage?

Check out Kim Derla’s books on her website:

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