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How the Siblings of Sihia Cafe Brewed

How the Siblings of Sihia Cafe Brewed

The Sihia Cafe is swiftly becoming one of the most popular hangout spots in Metro Rizal. However, there is more to do at the cafe than chill out. In addition, it serves as a florist. If you are an anthopile and are curious about the cafe’s flowers, you should visit Sihia.

Sihia Cafe was first established and named as an acronym by the siblings’ Sierra, Hiraya, and Alab. They opened the cafe they named after their coffee-lover mother, Tere. In the year 2022, they had just begun business. And I had the chance to visit their first establishment, a tiny cafe in Taytay, Rizal, with only six seats close to a winding highway.

Sihia’s offerings extend beyond its namesake beverage. That’s not all they do; they also bake! On the counter in front of them, you can always find a variety of baked goods. They are still located in the Taytay area of Rizal, but they upgraded to a bigger place last August.

This cafe is well-liked not just for its soothing ambiance but also for its delicious food and good prices. Coffee lovers, in particular, really love them!

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Stop by the cafe the next time you’re at the border between Rizal Province and Metro Manila. Sihia, unlike the other Rizal cafe with a view of the street, will offer you the peace and flavor you’ve been searching for.

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