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OPINION: 3 Main Reasons Why I Think The Winx Reboot Is Gonna Suck

OPINION: 3 Main Reasons Why I Think The Winx Reboot Is Gonna Suck

Just in case you guys didn’t know, Winx is a popular animated series that first aired in 2004. Netflix recently dropped a trailer for Fate: The Winx Saga and fans (including me) are absolutely disappointed. The original series revolved around a group of diverse and fashionable friends who have different kinds of interesting powers: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Layla, and Tecna. Together, these girls make up the Winx Club. However, Netflix didn’t give us that – they gave us everything but that. They didn’t even include a Tecna in their new series!

I mean, yeah, sure. The cinematography looks like it’s gonna great, the CGI looks amazing, and the actors are probably very talented. But, if Netflix is trying to ignite nostalgia, this isn’t the way to do it. Millennials and Gen-Z grew up watching Winx on cable television. We grew up thinking about how fashionable they are, how good their friendship is, and how badass it is to see a group of women saving an entire fictional universe.

So, Here Are 3 Main Reasons Why I Think The Winx Reboot Is Gonna Suck


When I was younger, I would be in a group of girls and we would talk about which Winx Club member would resonate with us the most. Personally, I was Flora because of her skin color and the fact that she’s Latina – the closest thing I could have to a brown Filipina. And, Netflix is telling me she isn’t even brown? Like, okay, Flora’s skin color had nothing to do with her story but… what about Musa? She’s not even Asian anymore. She would wear outfits that would give a salute to Asian culture and heritage. But, no. Now, she’s a white woman.

Netflix should know that the reason why a lot of people love Winx is because of the representation of POC women. And, now, we don’t have even have that anymore. This series seriously lacks diversity and Netflix deserves the flak that they get because of it. Come on, it’s 2020! It’s not that hard to cast a brown Latina woman for Flora and a tall Asian woman for Musa. There are a lot of actresses I could name at the top of my head! Like, seriously, who the hell was in charge of casting? Because this is a fucking mess.


Winx Club paved the way for Y2K fashion. They literally are the blueprint for it. They would wear bold and ornamental compositions. Think about the classic staples from your wardrobe when you were young and they would wear those. With Y2K fashion making a comeback, all those things did, too. Items like butterfly hair clips, pink gummy sandals, pleated skirts, button-up cardigans, and tie-front shirts among others are all the rage now. When we were kids, we would dress up in specific colors and styles just to emulate our favorite Winx Club member. Netflix could have used this viral fashion trend to their advantage and dressed the cast up with it.

Bloom would have looked good in a blue cropped top, a similar colored skirt, high socks, and a pair of platform sneakers. But, Netflix gives us another redhead in boring red clothing. We seriously didn’t need another Cheryl Blossom. There are YouTubers like StealTheSpotlight who had better fashion sense than whoever styled the cast. If Netflix was worried about the budget, they would have gone all out. If this was executed the way it should have been, fans would have supported it and executives would have gained more than what they spent. Or, they should have repurposed old fashion items from a thrift store – which, by the way, can be a great way to save money.


Why is Netflix so against bright and colorful live-action aesthetics? We, adults, don’t expect nor want anything dark and twisted from a series called Winx Club. It’s literally Winx Club, nothing should be dreary about it. Why did they have to give it a ~ rIvErDaLeCoRe ~ aesthetic? Sure, it *kinda* worked with Riverdale and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. But, this is Winx. It was already a good show with colorful characters and pretty scenery. The Winx Club were teenage girls who were saving the whole universe while studying in a boarding school.

Aside from whitewashing, the members of the cast didn’t look anything like teenagers. Netflix put a gloomy filter on 30-year-old women wearing grandma’s clothing and whitewashed the only representation we got growing up, then called it Winx which, again, is about diverse teenage girls in sparkly and cute outfits fighting villains who are also wearing cute outfits. And, yes, I am a grown woman who is pissed at a media company for ruining my childhood and the only representation I got as a kid.

So, yeah. This reboot is gonna suck. I’m not watching it. Goodbye.

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