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Bangtan Effect: How did BTS become my home?

Bangtan Effect: How did BTS become my home?

Home isn’t always four walls. Sometimes it is seven people who make me feel happy and loved through my worst times. It is a BTS magic.

Beginning of BTS Magic

Three years ago, I was this girl full of self-doubt and insecurity not until I found a home called Bangtan Sonyeondan , a k-pop global superstar from South Korea.

Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook, all these seven men are talented and genuine in their own way.

Out of pure curiosity, after watching “Boy with Luv”, I started listening to other songs casually and surprisingly I found a song called “Lights”. I listened to the whole minute of the song, without knowing the beautiful meaning behind it. By the end of it, I found myself in tears.

Photo credits: Twitter/@bts_bighit

I could not understand the language, however, it made me cry without any reason. That is why I searched for the lyrics and there is this one particular line that really hits me. “But it’s okay sometimes, To show weakness, It’s okay to be you, Don’t lie to yourself anymore”, (English translation). These lines never left my mind.

The Bangtan Effect

Until now my love and respect for BTS have landed me on understanding Korean culture and learning a little about their language. I started to buy their albums, merch and anything that has something to do with them.

Their beginnings and stories inspire me. The music they make resonates with me. What I admire in this group is the essence of their song. Most of it is all about hope, societal problems, about their experiences, and self love.

Photo Credits: Twitter/@bts_bighit

Since then, I tried my best to not look down on myself and promised to love myself more. Lights was that song that had a “Bangtan Effect” on me. I loving all my sides and flaws. Accepting the fact that its okay to not always be okay.

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Photo Credits: Twitter/@bts_bighit

BTS has always been genuine and shows the real stories of their lives. They are not hesitant to show their flaws and vulnerabilities with ARMY (BTS fan). That is why they are truly an inspiration, also because in some point it is similar on what we are facing right now.

Songs such as Magic Shop, Answer: Love Myself, Lights, Spring Day, Epiphany, Mikrokosmos, and many more are songs with so much meaning of hope and comforting lyrics that indeed can heal and can make you fall in love with yourself, and I am living proof.

Forever Grateful as an Army

These seven beautiful me saved me from all aspects. BTS taught to accept my flaws and get over with the idea of achieving perfection. I am still growing and pain is still there however I can proudly say that I love myself. It is difficult to explain how their song, story and words heal many of us. What I truly love about them is that they are not afraid to show their true colors and because of that we have witnessed their wins, struggles and how they overcome it.

They are not just KPOP Superstar but also a good human beings that makes their group different. It is a Bangtan effect we cannot deny.

Photo Credits: Pinterest/@KayeSwzBTS

As an army, thank you is not enough to express my gratitude. How they changed my life is a magic no one do and I finally found a home.

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