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Not your typical tips: boosting your inner confidence

Not your typical tips: boosting your inner confidence

not your typical tips to confidence

You may have heard someone say that in order to boost your confidence, you must first look or feel pretty. Moreover, applying make-up (light or dark), dressing up cute, and dismissing your insecurities while outside could help in exuding confidence. That’s already a given tip in boosting your confidence.

However, you can build up more stable confidence if you can start from the inside. In addition, we’re all flawed and imperfect, but that’s what makes us unique and worthwhile. No one has the same qualities as you, so you can choose to be grateful because you’re one in a million.

Not everyone can talk about building your inner self-confidence as most people focus on enhancing their physical qualities, which is a good thing too!

However, building up innate confidence can last longer, which can be your defense mechanism to unnecessary criticisms about you because you can own them. To add to this, it feels nice to rock on anything knowing that you own your life!

#BeYOUtiful because there’s no one like you

Derived from Michelle Phan‘s idea, we are just like diamonds full of imperfections and edges. However, people see diamonds as beautiful crystals that are worth every penny. Every edge of the diamond is one in a million which makes it unique.

The New Yorker | World’s Largest Diamond

Own your flaws and imperfections as if they’re your edges. You’re the diamond and your edges make you stand out among others because you’re the only one who possesses such. Accept and acknowledge your imperfections because that makes up your beautiful and distinct identity.

Understand what real skin is

Every body has its own shapes, colors, and textures. The standards that society has set for its people made almost everyone feel inferior about their bodies. No, we aren’t porcelain dolls that are meant to have blemish-free, and sexy bodies. People are meant to keep their bodies healthy, not perfect.

establishing a healthy body
University Hospitals

In anatomybones come in all shapes and sizes and that explains the different body frames of every person. Moreover, our body also has different hormones that affect the texture of our skin. It’s normal to have breakouts and textures but that won’t make any person less beautiful.

However, if a person still chooses to keep their smooth skin and their bodies in shape, then that’s good to hear, as long as they’re healthy and it makes them happy. However, never ever pressure yourself just to fit in the standards because you’re beautiful as you are.

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You’re not everyone’s cup of tea

To establish innate confidence, understand that you’re not for everyone. Some will like you and some will not, and that’s okay. You weren’t born to please everyone, but rather to please yourself more. All of us are born differently, and our mindset makes no exception to our diversity.

cup of tea
Eat This, Not That

After all, healthy confidence means building a healthy mindset. A case-to-case basis because we aren’t raised the same. Moreover, learning to stay unbothered and focusing more on what you can do can help in building up your self-confidence.

Most of all, building your inner confidence can also mean that you build a healthy mindset for yourself and for everyone.

As long as you don’t hurt people, you don’t hurt yourself. You understand that all bodies work differently, you can already establish the confidence that cannot be shaken. So much of improving the physical qualities, that can be easy if we learn how to dress and groom ourselves up.

Learn a healthy mindset that brings benefits to you and to the people around you. Hype yourself and feel that you own your life. Be supportive of people too because that can also help in establishing someone else’s confidence. Who knows if they might need it too? Be the first one to hype them up!

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