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New K-Drama ‘High Class’ stars ‘Parasite’ star Cho Yeo-Jeong

New K-Drama ‘High Class’ stars ‘Parasite’ star Cho Yeo-Jeong

Cho Yeo Jeong High Class

Korean actress Cho Yeo-Jeong from the award-winning film Parasite will headline the new Korean drama High Class. It will premiere on iQiyi on Sept. 7. 

Cho Yeo Jeong Drama High Class

A suspense thriller, High Class describes perfect lives among women in the top 0.1 percent social strata, and hidden lies and hypocrisies. 

Cho Yeo-jeong plays the role of Song Yeo-ul, a lawyer-mom who is framed for killing her husband. 

High Class director Choi Byeong Gil attended a press event for the drama with cast members Cho Yeo-Jeong, Kim Ji Soo, Ha Jun, Park Se Jin, and Gong Hyun Joo.

For the drama, Yeo-jeong decided to cut her hair, stating,

“When I was troubled about how to present the character, stylists suggested a haircut. The image of Song Yeo-ul immediately popped out in my mind. I have been thinking about getting haircuts for a role, so I really enjoy the new look.”

Actress Kim Ji-soo plays Nam Ji Seon who is considered as the real power behind the international school where Song Yeo-ul decides to enroll her son. Her character competes with Cho Yeo-Jeong’s all the time. 

She described her role as the villain, saying “she seems to own everything but is hollow and empty inside.” 

Furthermore, about the confrontation scenes with Kim Ji-soo, Cho Yeo-Jeong said,

“We didn’t need to discuss much beforehand. She knew how to lead the process and deliver a great argument scene.”

Park Se Jin plays a lawyer having a crush on Ju Ji-hoon in Hyena. In High Class, she plays Hwang Na Yoon, the J&Y gallery representative and a young mom. 

Asked about portraying a mother figure, she said,

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“It was exciting initially to receive the script, but I was anxious about how to express motherly love on camera.”

She asked her mom for help, adding,

“I’ve never talked about scripts with my family. However, I ask mom a lot of questions to know more about Na Yoon the character, and also my mom.”

High Class will air on the iQiyi app and from Sept. 7th and new episodes of the series will be available at noon every Tuesday and Wednesday.

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