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Michelle Dy’s Sultry Bikini Poses

Michelle Dy’s Sultry Bikini Poses

Confidence is the key when posing in a bikini! Though not everyone has enough confidence and courage to even wear a bikini or swimsuit. But, there are a lot of amazing ladies out there who will surely inspire you to embrace your body and finally wear a bikini. Just like Youtuber, content creator, influencer, and certified hubadera, Michelle Dy. Her bikini photos will encourage you to wear a bikini. Need some poses idea? Her sultry bikini poses are the answer!

Scroll away for some sultry bikini poses to spice up Instagram and for some hot photos.

Michelle Dy’s Sultry Bikini Poses

Hands on the Cherries

This pose is so hot! Michelle Dy felt the warm breeze of the ocean and looked extra hot. She’s just standing there while both of her hands are on her cherries, holding her bikini top in place. A very hubadera thing. Nothing but overflowing confidence and sexiness.

Peaches Out

Girl, I’m telling you, turn your back and show that booty! Sometimes it’s all about peaches. This pose is very easy and popular as everyone can freely turn their back and just flaunt their booty. Just like how Michelle Dy does it.

Hands Up

Show em curves and smooth underarms! Standing while angling your body, tilting a bit to emphasize your hips and hands up looking confident. This pose will highlight not only your body but also your beautiful bikini! So if you want a perfect photo highlighting your bikini, then do this pose.

Knees Down

Now, if you’re looking for a sitting pose, this is it. Kneeling while feeling yourself. Just simply put your knees down and project. You can put your hands on your hair like how Michelle Dy does in her photo.

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Fixing Bikini Bottom

If you run out of poses, why not pretend like you’re busy doing something? Like fixing your bikini bottom. Look down pretending there’s something that needs fixing in your swimsuit. It’ll look like a stolen shot. And it’s really good!

Sit Down

Another sitting pose for you. Flaunt that flawless legs girl! Simply sit down while both of your hands support your weight at the back, flatten your stomach and display that perfect legs!

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