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Meiji Cruz Illuminates Through Her Miss CosmoWorld National Costume

Meiji Cruz Illuminates Through Her Miss CosmoWorld National Costume

Meiji Cruz illuminates through her Miss Cosmoworld National Costume

An advantage of sending a prepared candidate is that despite the time constraints, they never disappoint. Indeed, since arriving in Malaysia for Miss CosmoWorld 2022, Meiji Cruz has remained steadfast in her journey.

With the coronation only a day away, Meiji is keeping her eyes on the crown, not losing her luster. As she continues to gleam her way through, adding that extra sparkle in her national costume.

A blinding and exquisite masterpiece of Manny Halasan. It takes inspiration from Philippine mythology, particularly the goddess of the stars known as Tala.

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A little backstory on who Tala is, her origin story varies depending on the by region; in one, she is the sister of Mayari (the Goddess of the Moon) and Hanan (the Goddess of the Morning). Therefore, they are one of the three daughters of Bathala (the Supreme God) by a mortal woman. In some mythology, Tala is Mayari’s daughter.

As beautiful and ethereal as Tala is, this reflects well on the effort put into making Meiji’s costume.

Featuring a figure-hugging bodice made of sheer fabric, it is embellished with lots of silver beading. It also has a complimenting headpiece, bearing the same stunning beadwork.

Using it as a sign of manifestation, Meiji hopes that with the help of the stars, everything aligns in her favor.

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Miss CosmoWorld will be concluding its 2022 edition tomorrow, November 30 in Kuala Lumpur.

We’re sending our best wishes to you, Meiji! Like the stars, we hope you sparkle your way to victory.

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