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There’s pretty, there’s smart, and there’s Paula Ortega

There’s pretty, there’s smart, and there’s Paula Ortega

When asked what defines beauty for her, Miss Universe Albay 2020 Paula Ortega said that physical beauty can be very subjective but what’s inside definitely matters most.
And that she’s working on becoming someone who’s beauty is greater than the sum of her parts.

“I think that inner beauty is something that everyone can perceive and agree with as essential. And for me, a beautiful person is someone who is kind, inspiring, understanding and empowering. And I am working to be all of these qualities.”

As a beauty queen, it is not just her job to wear a smile whenever she goes and do good to others, but also to live up to her principles as a human being.

“I always try to be a good person to everyone I meet in any situation because it is part of my core values. So in beauty pageants, I just behave as how I would behave with my loved ones: with respect and care.”

In these trying times, even as a person of influence, Paula admits that it’s hard to maintain a positive outlook. As much as possible, what she likes to do is to divert her attention to better efforts.

“Now is about cherishing what I have, and how I can improve the things I can control: we must understand that we cannot have everything under control, but we can improve the things that are within our hands to have a positive mindset.”

Paula advises fellow beauty queens as well as those aspiring to go out there and explore, so they can listen to different perspectives, understand different points of view, and get inspired with what they want to do in their lives.
Her advocacy is universal healthcare for the country, given her background as a nurse.

“By helping my fellow Filipinos with a big platform that can change our society. For me, universal health care is an important aspect all governments should aim for . So I would work with charities, workshops, and events as a spokesperson on advocating how important health care is in our society and how it can improve our future.”

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