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Kagandahang Flores sweeps Miss Earth PH 2020 crowns

Kagandahang Flores sweeps Miss Earth PH 2020 crowns

Miss Earth Philippines just crowned its newest queen, and she is the eco angel from Baguio City — Roxie Baeyens. She was crowned by the outgoing queen Janelle Tee in the first-ever virtual beauty pageant. In fact, the winner, including her elemental queens, are all from Kagandahang Flores Camp.

KF sweeps Miss Earth PH crowns


Ms. Philippines Eco-Tourism 2020 – Ilyssa Mendoza
Ms. Philippines Fire 2020 – Shane Quintana Tormes
Ms. Philippines Water 2020 – Gianna Margarita Llanes
Ms. Philippines Air 2020 – Patrixia Sherly Santos

Meanwhile, beauty queen maker and founder of the KF Camp, Rodgil Flores took to social media to express his gratitude over the success of his girls.


“The past few months posed a lot of challenges for us because we were used to face to face trainings at the camp. This year’s Miss Philippines Earth pageant was a learning experience for us because it taught us a fresher and modern approach to pageant training. Special thank you to all our girls because even though they were confronted with a lot of hurdles brought about by the community quarantine, they all triumphed over these roadblocks and still managed to attend our online trainings regardless of their personal adversities. If there’s a will, there would certainly be a way! Thank you ladies for putting up a good fight.

We would like to commend the different LGUs all across the country, the respective support groups – the candidates’ family, friends, glam team and mentors for the well-planned and executed pre-pageant competitions. In the end ingenuity, hardwork and team effort prevailed.

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Congratulations to Carousel Productions for the 20 glorious years of Miss Philippines Eartha.We salute Carousel Productions for this ground-breaking production and for the cause that this organization stands for.

And to Roxie Baeyens of Baguio City, our 15th Miss Philippines Earth Queen and subsequently, our 13th consecutive MPE winner! Continue spreading your brilliance queens!

We salute all our KFamilia Eco-angels for a job well done and for keeping the legacy of Miss Philippines Earth alive on its 20th year. You are the reason of our passion and it was a memorable journey watching you grow into the fine women that you have become. You made us all very proud.

And to all KFamilias, maraming maraming salamat. Your support and love kept us going through these years. Until our next pageant journey KFamilias! This achievement is dedicated to each one of you!”

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