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Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines Kyedae!

Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines Kyedae!

Famous Valorant streamer and content creator, Kyedae, arrives in the Philippines for CONquest 2022.

Valorant streamer, Kyedae, arrives in the Philippines on July 21, 2022, for a 2-day CONquest 2022 event which was held on July 23 and 24, 2022. She was discovered through her Valorant streaming career, where she has over 1.7 Million followers on Twitch. A stronger spotlight was shed upon her when people discovered that she was dating TenZ, a famous Valorant professional player. Unfortunately, she arrived in the country without the company of TenZ.

Kyedae announced her arrival through her Twitter account (@kyedae) saying “Hello Philippines”. 

She, later on, replied to her post by saying, “See you soon guys!! I can’t wait :)))” Greetings and welcome tweets flooded in Twitter from different Filipino streamers, pro-players, and fans.

Numerous tweets from Kyedae talking about how she loved Jollibee in the Philippines became an exciting conversation on the internet.

Fans, on the other hand, took the opportunity to meet Kyedae at the 2-day CONquest Event and see her gameplay face-to-face. Hundreds of fans were able to capture a picture with their all-time streamer crush on the event. 

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Soon afterward, she was spotted supporting the Ateneo de Manila University’s LG Esports and De La Salle University’s Viridis Arcus at the AcadArena Alliance Valorant Grand Finals. It was a great opportunity to showcase how awesome collegiate esports is in the Philippines!

Kyedae joined Viridis Arcus of De La Salle University as they received their championship reward.

Filipino fans hoped Kyedae had a blast and enjoyed the food, company, and experience here in the Philippines. They hope to see her next year but this time with TenZ. Mabuhay! See you again soon! 

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