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Luis Hontiveros: Body. Mind. Soul.

Luis Hontiveros: Body. Mind. Soul.

Just like a blank slate, the new year gives us the fresh start we need. But other than that, it marks the start of a new decade. 2020 opens up to new possibilities, new challenges, and even a new set of goals. For LUIS HONTIVEROS, it’s about balancing the good things he’s already been doing and everything he’s supposed to do. Hopeful and eager, he wants to set things out on the right foot — be it with his fitness, his outlook in life, or how he works with others.



Eat what you can burn and burn what you can eat.”

Known for his towering stature and lean physique, this 27-year-old looker trains extra hard. This allows him to eat what he wants, too. His mantra about diets? He doesn’t have one. Aside from intermittent fasting, he doesn’t restrict his wants that much. As long as he doesn’t starve himself, he’d indulge on the food he loves.

I don’t like to go on a diet since I really love to eat — I love rice and pasta. I just make sure to train harder,” he says. “Personally, I avoid sweets, soda, processed food, and any kind of junk. The rest, I enjoy. Try to find the diet that works for you. But also the one you enjoy so you can avoid getting frustrated. The same goes for training,” he adds.

Fitness Is A Lifestyle

Luis isn’t a fitness guru, but he understands his body enough to know what he needs. If he knows he’d have a long day at work, he goes for that extra rice or even a dessert. But if he knows he’d just be chilling and won’t be doing much, he’d only consume enough for that day.

The thing about diet and training is that everything doesn’t work the same for everyone. It’s basically trial and error. If you’re a newbie in your fitness journey, then I’d suggest to eat accordingly to the amount of activity you’ve planned for the day,” he advises.

Like with anything in life, Luis thinks it’s better to educate oneself before trying out a certain diet or fitness plan. It’s important to completely understand how things work to maximize effects on the body.

For the past year, I’ve been focused on training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, surfing, and yoga. Sometimes, I play sports like basketball, boxing, and Muay Thai. I also lift weights when the laziness doesn’t kick in,” he shares with a smirk.

Luis finds it convenient to be physically fit for his job. However, rather than solely relying on his looks or his even name, he makes sure that his capabilities as a model and an actor stand out to get him roles.



I hope everyone will be more open-minded. Let’s stop invalidating the ideas or emotions that people have or are going through.”

Being physically fit should also mean being mentally healthy. But most of the time, compared to the body, the mind is the hardest thing to train. To break the stigma, Luis says talking about our emotions with people important to us truly helps.

We should never feel afraid of talking about our emotions to our friends and family,” he exclaims. “But it isn’t always easy to seek help at all. But I do encourage that we try to find the courage to open up so we don’t get stuck in that dark place we struggle to get away from,” he explains further.

Self-Awareness Is The Key

In an industry that’s so critical about how one should look, say, and even feel, peace of mind is more of a necessity than anything else. But awareness of ourselves goes beyond a blossoming career or the number of years someone has worked. Who ever you may be, you’d have to take care of yourself.

Luis Hontiveros

Most of us aren’t willing to admit to ourselves that we’re already suffering. This could be because we’re too afraid to talk about it; because we think that we might get judged; because some people would look down on us if we share our struggles. Just because some don’t understand or even believe, doesn’t mean that mental illnesses aren’t real,” he explains with a serious face.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help or for support. The mind is a powerful thing and sometimes it could be too much for one to bear alone. For Luis, all we need is kindness.


Luis Hontiveros

Don’t you think it would be great if we were all sources of peace of mind for each other?”

Finding the right balance between a healthy body and a sound mind is a challenge in itself. But it’s a challenge Luis has been taking on even before starting out on his career.

We may know people like our friends and family but we don’t always know what they’re going through,” he says. “We should try to be more compassionate towards others. Let’s educate ourselves about these kind of topics since we already have access to unlimited amount of information today. Let’s make our world a safer space for everyone with or without mental illnesses,” he adds with hope in his voice.

A Work In Progress

With the new decade upon us, we’re certainly in the age of information. All we need is a few taps of our fingers and everything right on our palms. But information without responsibility is a two-way street.

A simple tweet or Facebook post could definitely affect and tip the balance of someone’s state of mind or well being,” he sternly says. “We have a responsibility to utilize these tools appropriately since we all live in one planet. Let’s make sure m we make it a place of safety and peace of mind,” he adds.

What one does to someone else could easily be done to them or to anyone they know. Luis has slowly learned to become unfazed about unwarranted criticisms. Instead of fighting back, he takes these as learning experience. When things do get to him, he refocuses his energy to a more productive one: exercise.

Luis Hontiveros

One thing that works for me and helps me achieve a more positive state of mind is by staying physically healthy. It compliments my overall mental state. We all have different ways of coping, but I think what works more is when we seek the appropriate support system of our choosing,” he finally says.

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A healthy body, a sound mind, and a happy soul are things to yearn for. It doesn’t have to be the new year or a new decade to know that we need to change our lifestyles. Importantly, it doesn’t take much to be kind. To yourself or to others.


For LUIS HONTIVEROS, fitness doesn’t necessarily mean the physicalities. To be a completely healthy human being, you first need to be kind to your body, your mind, and your soul. The rest will follow.


Story by Lord Harvey Monteroso

Photographed by Anthony Brillantes

Styled and Produced by Janno Novenario

Styling Associate | Dan Fernando

Grooming | Kitkat Echalar

Hairstyling | Barbie Kim Fernandez David

Location | Desi Matters Studio

Special Thanks To Rav Singh, Roj Miguel, and Pogs Francisco

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