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OPINION: Looking Back into the Twilight Saga

OPINION: Looking Back into the Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga used to be ridiculed by almost everyone. All I can say is, well deserved. It is cheesy, corny, shallow, and cringy. All of the things thrown at it negatively before were all true. Back then, liking Twilight meant you were not cool and that you had poor taste in films.

However, after a few years, there was a change of heart among the haters. Maybe cheesy is okay and maybe we all need a bit of cringe once in a while. And, maybe, Twilight was okay, to begin with. We were all just young back then being quirky and edgy. But, we have grown into mature adults. We can now peacefully enjoy the Saga without feeling too guilty.

Presently, Twilight is considered a classic, and liking it means you are a part of the majority. That is great because finally some of you do not have to be too embarrassed about getting a haircut similar to Alice’s back in 6th grade.

OPINION: Looking Back into the Twilight Saga

Team Edward VS Team Jacob

One of the most heated topics in the Twilight fandom revolves around the ‘Edward vs Jacob’ debate. As you may know, there is a love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. It is just an opinion. But, the love triangle theme made the Saga annoying.

It definitely could have survived without the three-way romance because there are supernatural elements in the story. A romantic dilemma seemed unnecessary. But we are still going to delve into that because why not, right?

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When you consider the factors of who to choose between the two guys, there is a lot to think about. Edward Cullen is a gorgeous vampire who sparkles under the sun, lives in a mansion, and is crazy rich with a dope-ass car. Adding to that, a romantic, a protector, and a school heartthrob. However, there is a catch. He is more than a hundred years old and remains in high school going for young girls. Plus, he is a bit creepy for watching Bella sleep.

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Our other candidate, Jacob Black, is a werewolf. Very warm like a toasted marshmallow. He is a mechanic and a reliable friend. Also, he is an Alpha.
And, here we are with the catch: werewolves imprint on other people. Some of whom might be babies. Ahem, Renesmee. They have to stay with them, care for them, and be who they need to be. Brother, friend, and maybe, lovers. I know. Weird.

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All in all, if I were Bella, I would have chosen someone completely different and preferably a human who does not raise any red flags. Or better yet, lived alone as normally as I could to avoid getting kidnapped or killed.

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Twilight as a Guilty Pleasure

Robert Pattinson, the actor who played Edward, used to be one of the avid haters of Twilight. And, that was saying something considering he played the male lead. However, there was an interview recently where he said that hating Twilight is not cool anymore. Maybe that is a factor why people seem to be more vocal about liking Twilight now.

Also, as mentioned before, most of the audiences years back have grown into adults, and they are aware of how to enjoy the films but also critical of them. The Twilight Saga has quite a bit of problematic undertones, some of which have been discussed above.

The Twilight Saga is still a supernatural romantic film series, watch it as it is, and enjoy it (or be critical of it). It can be as a guilty pleasure, or simply a nostalgic rewatch from your childhood.

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