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Listing down six color trends in interior design for 2023

Listing down six color trends in interior design for 2023

Each year, pain companies and color experts reveal their picks for the shade that best encapsulates the current period. This time, color trends in interior design draw on trends in pop culture, fashion, and technology. These paint colors have been forecasted as the ones that will shape people’s homes in 2023. 

Spanish Moss | Krylon

Krylon recently announced their 2023 Color of the Year through the natural hue that brings the poetic expressions of nature into one’s home with Spanish Moss. And, this interior design color trend is a nod to all things vintage. It’s a matte finish with gray undertones that maintains an understated look of luxury. Aside from that, it also pairs well with a variety of textures and sheens. 

Raspberry Blush | Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore also announced their 2023 Color of the Year. The Raspberry Blush is a vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink. The interior design color trend gives off a bold charisma as people bring color back into their homes. It leans into deeply saturated colors but expresses individuality and personal style. 

Terra Rosa | Dunn-Edwards

Dunn-Edwards announced their 2023 Color of the Year, Terra Rosa. It’s a deep, rosy pink hue with a touch of terra-cotta influence. The interior design color trend exudes creativity and coziness. It has a high chroma, cinnamon rose hue that acts as a refreshing neutral update to browns and burgundies. 

Redend Point | Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year is minimal but versatile. The interior design color trend pairs well with other warm and earthy hues from other palettes. Aside from that, Redend Point becomes a comforting backdrop for soft and warm homes. 

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Blank Canvas | Behr

Behr announced their color of the year with Blank Canvas, aiming to renew every room of the home. It’s a soft white hue with a warm undertone. Aside from that, it remains versatile and yet cozy in every home space. It’s simple but it looks light and balanced. 

Vining Ivy | Glidden

Glidden’s color of the year comes in Vining Ivy which is perfect for an accent wall with surrounding walls and ceiling in lighter and muted tones. It serves as a middle point between blue and green. Although it’s bright, it still looks versatile and comforting. 

Which interior design color trends will you be getting for your home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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