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Kamedis AC-Clear Face Mask maintains skin balance

Kamedis AC-Clear Face Mask maintains skin balance

Kamedis formulate their skin products with botanicals usually utilized in traditional Chinese medicine. These botanicals have also been renowned for their ability to support good health for hundreds and even thousands of years. 

The brand name came from Kai in Chinese means to open, to start, and can also be used to convey innovation. Then, medis represents the medicinal nature of the products. This also reflects the scientific background of the brand. Together, Kamedis means innovative medicine. 

Kamedis AC-Clear Face Mask maintains skin balance

Kamedis uses modern science to bring nature’s best ingredients to their products and onto their skin. Recently, I received a PR package with the Kamedis’s AC-Clear Face Mask. It is a deep cleansing fabric mask for oily skin with a tendency to acne and redness.

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Aside from that, it also deeply cleanses, removes excess fat, and cleanses skin pores. According to the website, it also relieves, relaxes, and moisturizes reddish skin. It also maintains skin balance and helps maintain a healthy and even skin texture. 

Kamedis believes everyone deserves healthy skin, free of irritations, and relentless symptoms. For this reason, they have created a line of products that focus on relieving specific skin conditions through the power of botanicals. 

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