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What is skinimalism and why is it the new skincare trend?

What is skinimalism and why is it the new skincare trend?

Skin minimalism or simply skinimalism has become the latest skincare trend to take over the community. The trend revolved around the phrase less is more. According to OC Facial Center, it revolves around buying less, wearing less, and using less. The philosophy behind the new skincare trend focuses on loving the skin that you have. You don’t need to hide behind layers of makeup as this adopts a minimal approach, letting your skin shine through. 

Skinimalism emphasizes a paired-down and simple skincare routine. 

As someone who doesn’t have that much time or money for so many products and steps, this comes as a relief for me. Skinimalism also lets us achieve clean, healthy, and glowing skin with a minimal amount of products. Aside from that, it also prioritizes health and letting one’s natural beauty shine through. 

Where did skinimalism start?

The term skinimalism started popping up on TikTok and beauty subreddits in early 2021. Dermatologists, then, have long touted this kind of skincare routine. Of course, it may have also come from our shifting needs throughout the pandemic with the emergence of accessible skincare products. 

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Skinimalism strips everything right back to only the essentials for a little while. 

At a minimum, The Go-To Blog points out that skinimalism lets users find something clean, something to nourish, and something to protect. This also embraces texture, showing off one’s natural skin as it is with pores, textures, spots, and all. Doing more with less also saves some time and money as it lets you invest in a few multi-use products in your skincare routine. 

The thing about skinimalism, on the other hand, lets you choose what your skin needs! So, you get to create your own routine that won’t include something that you may not even need much else in your arsenal. 

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