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Interesting sites for chronically online people

Interesting sites for chronically online people

The internet has become the nesting grounds of bored people, including myself sometimes. We always want to do or explore things but we just can’t figure it out somehow. So, we end up just browsing our phones and switching through five different apps. And still, the boredom remains.

Seeing the same things from using the same apps over and over again can make us lose interest. So what we sometimes need are platforms we have never heard of or have not tried exploring yet. There are a lot of interesting sites that we can check out f mainstream media feels boring or too much.

They always recommend that social media consumption is good. And while it is, sometimes you just can’t help it. So what can we do? Make it productive at least. Explore sites that may help you improve your mood or skills without doing much effort. Just scroll and use your senses and develop a great interest in arts or anything that may instill some intellect in you.

Here are some interesting sites for chronically online people.

Radio Garden

Have you ever wondered what people across the world are listening to on their radios? Probably not, but there is a site that will make you curious about that. And it is Radio Garden. This site allows you to travel across the world through radio stations. It is like a VPN but for radios.

Explore the musical culture of different races and places. You could even listen to their news if you’re lucky. This is a great site to visit if you don’t know which of your Spotify playlist suits your mood. Or you want to be productive but still want to enjoy some ambient sounds in your cozy little home.

Internet Archive

Are you looking for a place where you can access exclusive documents for free? Well, this site is perfect for you. The Internet Archive is a website full of free-accessible media for those who want to explore new content. It offers free books, film, music, images, and all kinds of other media. So, if you ever feel like going into a random academic pursuit or you want to explore underground films, feel free to browse this website. I’m sure there is something in store for your interests.

Future Timeline

Are you a science junkie? A person who always questions the future or if there is even a future ahead of us at this point? This website is for you. Future Timeline is an online community of curious people with curious ideas. Here they post their predictions of a certain timeline in the future.

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You can also look back in history because major events from the past are also documented here. But, of course, just a disclaimer, the majority of the posts here are mere predictions despite being backed up by science and common knowledge. Regardless, it is a great and interesting site to explore.

The FBI website

For the true crime fanatics and the generally curious. The FBI website has information on all major cases recorded in American history. If you are tired of the myths surrounding a famous American murder story, the FBI is willing to open up.

On this website, you can also browse through the cases of most wanted criminals which can also be a practice of safety. Be sure that your visit to the FBI website is merely for entertainment purposes, though. Let’s make the world a better place. *winks*

If you are tired of consuming mainstream media, these websites are for you. Chronically online people may be just bored individuals or people who may be going through some things. Remember that your social media consumption should always be to make you feel better, not worse. If it comes to a point that it already feels damaging, you can always go on a social media detox. What matters most is that your peace remains intact.

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