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INSTAGRAM RAID: Hannah Pangilinan and Her Devotion to Creativity

INSTAGRAM RAID: Hannah Pangilinan and Her Devotion to Creativity

Hannah Pangilinan is a Filipina social media public figure. Inventing herself as creative, she proudly devotes her platforms to creativity. On Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify, she actively produces diverse contents that extend light, joy, and art. Hannah’s appreciation for creativity encourages her to explore various spheres with no fears.

“hi, i create for Him”

While others would rather keep their religious beliefs lowkey, especially on social media, Hannah Pangilinan prefers flaunting hers humbly. Keeping a steadfast faith has blessed her with great talents such as singing, dancing, writing, vlogging, podcasting, and many more. Aware of these blessings, Hannah devotes her life to creativity and she creates for Him.

Photo | @hannahpangilinan

A Versatile Vlogger

Hannah’s YouTube channel, Hannah Kathleen, serves as a portfolio of her flexibility in content creation. With more than five years of experience on vlogging, she has already produced different kinds of YouTube contents such as daily vlogs, makeup vlogs, song covers, and many others. Furthermore, Hannah also treats her channel as an expressive outlet of her artistry in video editing. Beauty truly manifests in her videos and thumbnails.

A Positive Podcaster

Aware of the countless stress, pressures, and burnouts people may go through, Hannah invites everyone to take a “pause” in her Pausecast with Hannah Pangilinan. A podcast she hosts to connect to people in the most sensible, relatable, and sincere way. Podcasting, for Hannah, means hitting two birds with one stone. Through podcasts, she communicates her creativity and provides people positivity.

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Hannah Pangilinan truly creates with compassion. She shares her blessings generously. With the use of her given skills, she molds her ideas into contents that motivates people. Hannah spreads good vibes and she thrives.

Go on and check her Instagram account to inspire creativity! Sometimes, it only takes one to get that creative juices flowing. Who knows? Your one might be Hannah.

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