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I am a proud LGBTQIA+ member and my Dad is a Beauty Queen

I am a proud LGBTQIA+ member and my Dad is a Beauty Queen

Meet Princess Xandra, a proud member of LGBTQIA+ community who is also wholeheartedly supported by her beauty queen dad.

Princess’ Journey as a member of LGBTQIA+ community

Ever since she was a child, Princess initially knew that she was different among other children. She prefers playing with dolls than toy soldiers, and plays with fairy wands instead of guns.

With a pure heart, Princess confessed to her family that she is gay. However, her mom did not like the idea at all, and she was immediately asked to leave the house. 

“Lumayas ka, hindi kita kailangan dahil isa kang bakla!” These words pierced the heart of innocent Princess back then. She was ignored and treated as a ghost by her own mother, which disappoints her the most.  

My beauty queen father shed light on my gloomy days. 

On the other hand, Xandra’s father, Jash, who is also a member of LGBTQIA+ community, is shocked when she heard that her son is also gay. At first, Jash is afraid because she does not want her child to experience the pain and hardships she had as an LGBTQIA+ member. Eventually, her father accepted her gender whole heartedly. and guided him all throughout the process, They became best of friends. 

“My bond with my father is unique. Lagi kaming nagdadamayan at sinusuportahan namin ang isa’t isa.”

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Princess also delightedly shared that her father competes in different beauty pageants with her. There are also some events where they are competing against each other!

Princess’ message to her LGBTQIA+ family

Coming out as a member of LGBTQIA+ community is not a walk in a park. Princess is still facing discrimination among the community, and her own family as well. This is how she deals with the homophobic phrases around her.

“I don’t pay attention to them. Hindi ko nalang sila pinapansin as long as masaya ako at nagpapakatotoo ako bilang isang tao. Nag-aaral ako nang mabuti para maipakita ko, lalo na sa nanay ko, na kahit bakla ako ay kaya kong magsumikap para sa hinaharap.”

And her last message for her fellow LGBTQIA+ family,

“Just be true to yourself. Wag kayong matakot to express yourself, lalo na’t wala naman tayong ginagawang masama. Walang masama sa pagiging bakla, wag natin itago. If hindi pa kumportable, okay lang yun. But never let society repress you.”

Just like Princess, may we all be confident in showing our true identity, and do not let anyone suppress your happiness.

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