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How I cope with burnout

How I cope with burnout

Grinding for so long without taking breaks is not healthy. Whether it’s work or studies, we should never push ourselves to the point of burnout. Filipino culture glorifies the action of working so hard. If you work 12 hours a day, then good in their eyes you are a hard worker, and if not, then you are lazy, with no in-between.

How I cope with burnout

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion that is caused by the struggle to cope with prolonged or chronic stress. Being a graduating student I am very familiar with burnout, it happens more than usual now yet I try to prevent it before it hits me hard. 

Break time is good for the mind and body

Take an interval break, that’s what I do when I have a deadline to catch up and I’m cramming everything. I never sit for more than 4 hours in front of my computer, is that a long time? maybe not however if I push it any longer I will start to lose my focus. That’s why when I’m on a break, it’s either I will sleep or play games to relax. 

I meet up with my friends whenever I have some free time. Looking for new shops to visit and just having fun. Hanging out with friends is very helpful to counter burnout. Going outside without thinking about the pending work for a short time is a must, and never be guilty about it.

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Going on a trip with my family is the best stress reliever I know. Once a month we all go for long motorcycle rides just appreciating the view with no particular destination. I think my parents do this to help me and my siblings let off the stress and burnout from our studies. So I also suggest going on long trips, changing the scenery instead of your computer screen.

Don’t overdo it

Working so hard might sound pleasant, continue the grind, no pain no gain, work hard play hard. In a sense, it’s true however if all we do is work our bodies will break. Remember not to overdo it, take a time to relax, and then start again, it’s never wrong to rest. Burnout is there to remind us that we pushed ourselves too hard. It’s important to prevent it before it gets worse, go and have fun too.

Take a break before your body decides for you.

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