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How did my academic and community organizations mold me

How did my academic and community organizations mold me

One of the joys of being a student is participating in extra-curricular activities, compulsory or not. You’ll get a chance to know other people, develop new skills, explore activities, and learn about yourself.

Thus, without a doubt, I can say I am delighted in exploring academic and non-academic organizations from high school until my college years. My reason is simple and can be surprising: ‘It makes me more alive.’

So, it is a pleasure to have a chance to share them with you.

Academic Organization

There are two skills I am honed in the aspect of academic engagement. The first is writing and the latter is leadership skills.

Writing skills developed under the school paper organization

Photo | Gin Mori

Most of the typical High School memories you can hear of are joining campus journalism. Hence, I couldn’t afford to miss out on it, so I joined the Filipino school paper of Kaunlaran High School in Navotas City. That is the moment I took a leap to learn how to narrate stories and refine my writing skills. In fact, I am fond of writing poems. This may sound crazy, but I am holding the thought that I am a good poet.

Long story short, my specialization in campus journalism is Filipino Science Feature Writing. I owe everything I learned in basic to advance ideas to my adviser Ms. Ginalyn Andresio. Her lectures and reminders on how to write effectively in the feature category are remembered. Aside from that, the moral support and emotional guidance she left me with are still alive inside me. How can I forget something so beautiful and practical advice? She said, “laging may mas magaling sa’yo. Kaya magsumikap ka na mas galingan kasi ang kalaban mo ay sarili mo.” True to its essence, the only person I am competing with is the old version of myself.

Aside from academic organizations, currently, my improvement in writing is highly influenced by my 2nd-year professor in the course Media Construction and Deconstruction—Ms. Rae Marielle Bayanin. Her dedication to proofreading every single paper is superb. It’s just beyond normal. She is committed to our progress in writing and analysis. Therefore, I am grateful for her comments and recommendations which leads me to love writing about social issues. Lastly, an appreciation to my friend Jericho Malquitar who is persistent in proofreading my works and giving honest feedback.

Organizations that have helped me unleash my leadership skills

Photo | Fatima May Del Rosario

During my high school years, I am part of the Supreme Student Government (SSG). Out of curiosity and a genuine intention to serve my fellow student, I joined the organization. Little did I know there will be greater responsibility along with numerous opportunities. I cannot deny the fact that high school years are the most colorful and thrilling stage of my life. Fortunately, I got a chance to experience amazing things. Meeting like-minded individuals in different schools (fellow student leaders), learning from different professionals in the academe, having the privilege to go to different places for free, and listening to discussions that will mold your skills and perks that are too many to mention.

Supreme Student Government – KHS

Basically, what I am trying to convey is I cannot be the person I want to be if I am doing it alone. There are several incredible individuals who contributed to my development, and they are worthy to be mentioned. Thank you to KHS SSG Adviser and Head who I got a chance to work with namely, Ms. Fatima May Del Rosario, Ms. Antonia Dy, and Ms. Cristelita Dela Cruz (Department Head), and to both loving principals Dr. Zenaida SD. Singson and Dr. Cristina Castillo-Miclat. My service in SSG would not be as successful if there are no fellow student leaders who are working beside me.

Circle of Research Enthusiast – PUP

Thus, my passionate heart for service continues in college. However, in the latter part of my years, I have to let go of my leadership responsibilities. But don’t get me wrong, I do not regret my stay and learning at Circle of Communication Research Enthusiast (CORE)— the academic organization of the Department of Communication Research. I’d like to express my gratitude, particularly to the committee I am connected with even though my stay is very short. Thanks, External Committee for shedding light on the process of communicating and connecting outside our departments’ network.

Aside from academic commitment, I am also part of youth ministry in the parish of San Lorenzo Ruiz and Companion Martyrs.

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Community-Related Organizations

Photo | Rayve Gigawin

Obviously, I am living an active life. I feel more alive when I am participating. My communities in the parish are the following:

  1. Dominican Young Leaders’ Guild (DYLG)
  2. Social Communication Ministry (SOCCOM)
  3. Parish Youth Ministry (PYM)

Dominican Young Leaders’ Guild

DYLG is the start of my spiritual development. This is the moment I learn more about the history, doctrines, pastoral works, and beauty of the Catholic Church. It was 2017 when DYLG was founded and take note, we are only teens curious in Catholic Faith. The person whom we owe our light and guidance is Deacon (during DYLG’s early years), now priest Rev. Fr. Rommel Olivar, OP. In DYLG, I realize the importance of being a Christian in the spirituality of the Dominican—we are called to praise, bless, and preach.   

Social Communication Ministry

In the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic where physical masses are restricted, the Catholic Church was forced to innovate and transfer to a digital platform. Therefore, Social Communication Ministry is established. We believe that the nature of our work is to deliver the Good News of the Lord through social media platforms. Through SOCCOM, I learn other skills aside from writing and was able to use my learnings in the communication field.

Parish Youth Ministry

Last of all is Parish Youth Ministry. Our parish has many youth servants; however, we are scattered. Hence, when the theme Synod in Synodality has been delivered in the Diocese of Kalookan, thankfully our parish priest—Rev. Fr. Allan Lopez, OP is inclusive. It is the beginning for the youth to be organized, centralized, and empower. Thus, I am grateful that we are slowly structuring the connection of San Lorenzo youth.

To conclude, I may be living a dynamic or hectic life for some, but I can truly say that I am growing in different aspects of it. It is my joy to know different kinds of people and to simultaneously learn and enjoy their company. Again, my reason can be hard to fathom, but this is the life that keeps me alive.

How about you? What are the organizations that have molded you and made you feel alive?

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