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Have a feast at these buffet restaurants in Fairview!

Have a feast at these buffet restaurants in Fairview!

No idea what to eat? eating at a buffet restaurant is the best answer to your cravings. We Filipinos love to indulge ourselves in food. Many restaurants are popping up everywhere, and eat-all-you-can has become popular. A buffet’s success is due to its type of menu, dishes, and dining experience. So, if you live near or happen to visit Fairview, delight your taste by visiting these buffet restaurants that serve Filipino cuisine to international dishes that will surely satisfy your palate. 

Have a feast at these buffet restaurants in Fairview!

Samboko Jin

Sambokojin is a Japanese-Korean buffet restaurant that serves authentic culinary favorites. This is perfect for avid fans of Japanese and Korean cuisine. Prepare your stomach as you would surely munch on the vast food choices available—from appetizers and main course to dessert. 

This Japanese-Korean restaurant showcases its quality and premium meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetable menu items. Popular Japanese favorites are tempura, katsu, furai, and Korean dishes like banchan, bibimbap, and beef stew. Apart from its complete line-up of authentic menus—you can also indulge in their eye-pleasing and tasty desserts. Additionally, various ice creams, cakes, and pastries are on display.  Samboko jin is an excellent buffet restaurant you will enjoy visiting with friends and family. 

Moreover, Sambokojin brings in the authentic features of Japan’s Yakiniku houses while providing comfort and a clean and memorable dining experience. They also offer a free buffet for birthday celebrants and every group of ten diners. Hence, it is a great choice to celebrate different sorts of occasions. 


Visit Cabalen for a delicious and affordable buffet experience. This restaurant offers authentic Filipino and Kapampangan dishes. In fact, the word “Cabalen” was derived from the Kapampangan word, which means “fellow.” Satisfy your appetite as Cabalen features its signature Filipino and Asian dishes from Thailand and Japan. 

Cabalen is famous for its array of food selections. You’ll see Filipino dishes like Nilagang Baka, Pancit, Kare-Kare, Lumpia, Dinuguan, Lechon Paksiw just to name a few. There is also a section for healthy and nutritious dishes like a Salad bar. For meat and fish lovers, they serve sisig, Lechon Kawali, grilled fish, and other sorts of seafood like shrimps and crabs. At times, exotic dishes are also available for those with a strong palate and who like a little bit of adventure.  

City Buffet 

Known for providing an excellent buffet experience, City Buffet offers a palatable feast for you. With so many options available, you will find something you like. Japanese and Chinese dishes are also available. For the main entree, they usually serve paella, crispy pasta, and other meat and seafood dishes. On top of that, their dessert selection is also the best part if you have a sweet tooth. Different types of sweets are available—there are counties for pastries, ice creams, cold beverages, candies, and assorted fruits.

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This restaurant continuously fills in the serving dishes with freshly cooked food. Also, they ensure that every dish has a distinct taste and affordable pricing. Further, City Buffet has a pleasing ambiance, and the place is spacious and excellent for family and friends gathering.

Kamay Kainan

Kamay kainan is another restaurant worth noting while retaining the comforting characteristics that Filipino foods are known for. This restaurant offers signature dishes that feature Filipino stapes while taking them to the next level. Therefore, it is a perfect cap off to delectable Filipino regional dishes ranging from vegetables, meat, and poultry to seafood. 

Kamay Kainan has been one of the oldest restaurants since the 1980s. Famous for making traditional dishes with the utmost care, it is no surprise why they stood the test of time. Then as you walk inside, you will feel the ambiance of province life through its wooden interiors and Pinoy-themed- decors and paintings. If you are looking for Filipino dishes at a reasonable price—it is a place to dine in.

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