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Gwendoline Soriano enjoys best of three worlds

Gwendoline Soriano enjoys best of three worlds

Miss Millennial Pangasinan, model, and actress Gwendoline Soriano shares how she enjoys not just the best of two but three worlds as she calls herself an ‘Alagad ng Sining’ in an exclusive chitchat.

‘Kwentong Jollibee’

She is the face among known brand campaigns but you know her most well in the ‘Kwentong Jollibee’ series Space, which earned million of views and positive feedback in social media.

Purple Skirt: Jeasar Quiambao

According to Gwen, shooting that commercial ad was a roller coaster ride for her emotions, “It was fun, exhausting, and overwhelming- all at the same time. It was fun working with all the people behind it as we all shared happy moments and learned a lot from each other. It was kinda exhausting because we had a three-day (20hours each) shoot for it, but it’s all worth it! And it’s overwhelming, because the project came to me like a gift. It unexpectedly came on a perfect timing, and until now, I still couldn’t stop being thankful that it happened.”

Indeed, all her hard work for it was well compensated. She did not just earn the opportunity given to her, Gwen also brought joy to the viewers in her way.

Purple Skirt: Jeasar Quiambao

When asked how she connected with the very relatable character she played in the story, Gwen shared that she actually learned a lesson or two from it.

“Just like Mae, I tend to push people away or let go of people that I love if I know that it would be what’s best for everyone. Dan wouldn’t meet the love of his life or his “the one” if Mae didn’t let him go. It’s not being heartless or selfish, it’s being wise and fair. You cannot force a relationship that’s bound to fail and you cannot force yourself to people that’s not meant for you. So just like the character, I sometimes choose to do what I think is right and best for all.”

Best of three worlds

Dress: Instagram Account @iamjellya

A day in the life of Gwen might seem to other as very exciting and ideal. While both of those are true, she bared that it’s not all glitz and glamour being a model, actress, and beauty queen all at the same time.

With pageantry, Gwen shared that it allowed her to reach out to people, “Pageantry has taught me a lot of things and I enjoy being able to express myself freely while having the platform to advocate, educate and inspire a lot of people.”

Dress: Instagram Account @iamjellya

On the other hand, modelling makes her happy and sociable, “[It] has been one of my main sources of joy and income. I enjoy meeting new people, representing and working for brands, walking for talented designers, and promoting products that I love and trust.”

But among all the three, Gwen confessed that acting is closest to her heart. It’s the one thing that makes her feel the most alive.

Dress: Instagram Account @iamjellya

“I enjoy bringing different characters to life and I enjoy exploring different emotions, expressions and techniques. I admire the craft, and how it brings out the best in me.”

Nevertheless, all of these three make Gwen whole. To give up one would just be ridicilous! She can balance them all well. so why not just let her do her things?

We stan a lady who embraces the hustle and excels in it!

Photography: Jai Murcillo

MUA: Paige Seneres Pediri

Hair: Bhelle Alba

Styling: Jowie Namayan

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