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Fact-checking 4 Things That ‘Selena: The Series’ Got Factually Wrong

Fact-checking 4 Things That ‘Selena: The Series’ Got Factually Wrong

We already know her story but we won’t grow tired listening to it. Netflix gave us a biographical drama series based on the life of the legend herself, Selena Quintanilla. Of course, Selena: The Series tells the story of an unforgettable singer, songwriter, spokesperson, model, actress, and fashion designer. For this list, we look at whether or not the series correctly depicted the truth and which part did they indulge in some creative license.

Fact-checking 4 Things That Selena: The Series Got Factually Wrong

Selena dropping out of school.

Once they formed the band, Selena started talking more and more time off school much to the displeasure of her teachers. Eventually, her father decided to pull her out altogether. That way, she could focus more on her music career. Although that part was factual, the series suggests she was in high school at the time. he was actually only in the eighth grade. However, as we all know, this didn’t end her education. She would later go back to school to get her GED from the American School of Correspondence in Chicago. She also signed up to study Business Administration at Pacific Western University.

Selena disliking her debut album cover outfit.

At this point, the band has started growing and gaining a fanbase. Now, they just have to find their look. In the series, Selena felt deflated when her own suggestions remain ignored and dismissed. She also felt visibly unhappy with the outfits chosen for her. In actuality, she chose the skirt and crop top look despite her conservative father’s objections to her showing her midriff.

The depiction of Chris Pérez.

The romance between Selena and her husband-to-be Chris Pérez appeared to be the most fabricated storyline in the series so far. Understandably, we can never truly know what happened behind closed doors. But, the series certainly seems to capture their love for each other. Of course, some details do seem omitted. This includes the fact that Chris used to have a girlfriend when they first met and, as well as, their brief break-up.

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How Yolanda Saldívar became part of the picture.

In the final episode of the first half of the series, we’re introduced to Yolanda Saldívar. Although we don’t delve into the details quite yet, we do see how she made her way into the Quintanillas’s lives. In the show, the record label suggested starting a fan club to help manage Selena’s supporters which means they had to hire somebody to take charge. However, in reality, it was Saldivar who incessantly badgered Selena’s father for the position. While the second half of the series would likely explore her story in more detail, we sadly already know how this ends.

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