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3 Creepy Stalker Movies With Peculiar Antagonists on Netflix

3 Creepy Stalker Movies With Peculiar Antagonists on Netflix

Stalker movies have always frightened me. An innocent smile, a bad breakup, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can result in unwanted attention, especially if you’re a woman in this day and age. There is nothing more terrifying than feeling vulnerable and victimized. Usually, movie stalkers are either male or female characters fueled by lust. We are going to focus on adversaries who have perplexing reasons behind their actions.

3 Creepy Stalker Movies With Peculiar Antagonists on Netflix

Single White Female

This 1992 thriller film was based on John Lutz’s 1990 novel SWF Seeks Same. Starring Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh, it revolves around a girl named Allie moving on from breaking up with her fianceé Sam and getting new a roommate to share her apartment. She settles for a girl named Hedy and they become fast friends. However, Hedy doesn’t see them as friends… She sees them as something more than that.

Single White Female builds to a manic crescendo instead of delivering several slashes. They give one climax after another until it seems as if the characters would just drop due to exhaustion, and yet they continue to fight against the adversary. Fonda and Leigh definitely made exceptional performances. They do eventually look so much like one another that it made the whole movie even creepier.

The Kindergarten Teacher

The 2018 film was based on a 2014 Israeli film of the same name. Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, it revolves around a kindergarten teacher named Lisa. She struggles with feelings of dissatisfaction in her life. She attends poetry class every week but, the lecturer dismisses her metrical compositions as derivative and unoriginal. One day, she hears one of her students named Jimmy reciting a poem while he waits to be picked up.

The Kindergarten Teacher lets us see the uncomfortable obsession of a middle-aged woman to a five-year-old poetry prodigy. Sure, she has good intentions in her mind — to nurture him and make him the next Mozart. However, she takes it waaaay too far. This movie proves that there may be no such thing as a bad Maggie Gyllenhaal performance. She perfectly etches her character’s growing sense of fascination which spills over into unnecessary obsession.


The 2018 psychological thriller film held its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, grossing over $18-million worldwide. Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Isabelle Huppert, and Maika Monroe among others, the movie revolves around Frances, a young woman grieving for her mother. She finds a handbag on a subway train with an ID confirming that the bag belongs to a certain Greta. She visited the owner who invites her in for a cup of coffee.

Greta portrays herself as a lonely widow, making Frances feel bad. The young woman, then, offers her to go out from time to time as friends. When Frances realizes that Greta may not be the kind woman she thought she is, she cut ties with her. Of course, that’s when all hell breaks loose. The young woman did everything she can to stop the widow from stalking her… but, that wasn’t enough for Greta to unleash her real capabilities.

This may be the scariest stalker movie I have ever watched in my entire life. Not only do women have to protect themselves from scary men, but we also have to watch out for fashionable Hungarian old ladies, too? That’s the most disturbing aspect of Greta — you won’t even suspect anyone of stalking you, not even an old lady who lives alone by herself. The movie generates a satisfying sense of fear and tension, allowing panic to crawl into your very soul.

Do you recommend any stalker movies on Netflix? Let us know!

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