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Din Tai Fung — The Restaurant Worth Your Hype

Din Tai Fung — The Restaurant Worth Your Hype

Explore Taiwanese flavors at their finest in the home of the most delicious dishes and famous xiao long bao, at Din Tai Fung Restaurant.

A renowned Michelin Star Restaurant, Din Tai Fung is one of the most famous Chinese-inspired restaurants made in Taiwan. Way back in 1972, the first restaurant gained popularity throughout the years, however, last year it became hype again.

Photo Credits: Facebook/ Din Tai Fung PH

Din Tai Fung gets back into the mainstream again because of TikTok. The social media app has elevated fine dining into becoming one of the trendiest food restaurants to try today.

The Taiwanese restaurant gained a Michelin star for a reason, that is because of its flavorful dishes. Particularly their famous “Xiao Long Bao”, also known as soup dumplings.

Taiwan is famous to have the best dumplings in the world. Not to mention, Din Tai Fung has perfected xiao long bao. People are now on the range to taste the amazing dishes and good service that the “World’s Most Popular Taiwanese Restaurant” offers.

The Famous Xiao Long Bao

You cannot say that you have Din Tai Fung experience without tasting their famous “Xiao Long Bao” or soup dumplings. Soup Dumpling has varieties of flavors. From savory to sweet, just name them. they have them.

Here are the mouthwatering Xiao Long Bao flavors to try for.

Photo Credits: Website/ Din Tai Fung

  • Kurobuta Pork flavor describes as their “Most modest dumpling”.
  • Crab and Kurobuta flavor-filled with juicy kurobuta pork and crab.
  • Truffle and Kurobuta Pork- The Kurobuta Pork is beautifully mixed with whole slices of rich truffle.
  • Chocolate and Mochi flavor- a premium chocolate truffle filled the thin layer of mochi, it is happiness in every bite.
  • Red Bean and Mochi flavor- filled with smooth red bean paste into Xiao Long Bao skin. It gives chewy consistency.
  • Sweet Taro flavor- Silky taro wrapped into Xiao Long Bao skin, perfect for sweet tooths.

Along with their delicious soup dumplings, they also offer a wide selection of high-quality dishes such as noodles, dumplings, rice, buns, vegetables, and more. For those of you who are not much of a fan of Xiao Long Bao, you have no problem with having so many exquisite choices of food.

Photo Credits: Website/ Din Tai Fung

Photo Credits: Website/ Din Tai Fung

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Great Service of Din Tai Fung Restaurant

More than their amazing food, the service will completely surprise you and definitely can you’re your standards. The servers, hosts, chefs and the whole staff shows great pleasure from your arrival to the end of your meal.

Due to its popularity it has, reservations and waiting can be a little problem because of the number of people, so patience is a must. However, they ensure a quality service for all.

Photo Credits: Facebook/ Din Tai Fung PH

Amazing dishes and great services come with a bill. Since Din Tai Fung is a Michelin Star restaurant, the prices are obviously higher that an average restaurant. Bur, we cannot deny the satisfaction you can get in Din Tai Fung.

Photo Credits: Facebook/ Din Tai Fung PH

There are three branches you can visit. Din Tai Fung in SM Mega Mall, Metro Manila, another one located at BGC, Taguig, and lastly, located at Powerplant Amorsolo Mall, Makati City.

Great food with the best fine-dining Taiwanese experience awaits you at Din Tai Fung and it is worth the hype!

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