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Jacobina — Proud Biscuit of Mendez

Jacobina — Proud Biscuit of Mendez

Growing up in the small town of Mendez, my lola always gave me Jacobina for merienda. As a child, I always found it odd to see small square-shaped biscuits because they’re always round. But after your first bite, you can’t help but fall for its great flavor. Up to this day, Jacobina’s flavor hasn’t changed.

And as a Mendezeño I always brag about Jacobina as our prized product. Sometimes when people ask why we brag, I say we need to, it’s the product of Mendez that’s totally what people need to know. Likewise, I’m here to tell you why Jacobina is our town’s proudest biscuit.

Jacobina’s history

It was said that Jacobina was made by Paterno Noceda in 1947 after the second world war. He’s also the founder of Noceda bakery, a once-small bakery within the Noceda house. In 1955, the biscuit earned its trademark and became the best-selling biscuit of Noceda Bakery. And in 1975, La Noceda Food Product Inc. was born, becoming the sole producer of Jacobina.

Photo from: Facebook/Kristian Noe Ignacio Romanaes

After its massive popularity in Mendez, the bakery branched out in Tagaytay in 1980. This branch not only sells Jacobina but glorifies its position and reputation to make more bread naming its brand Noceda. Today, it still kept its old and authentic flavored biscuits. They are also exporting biscuits outside the Philippines, mainly to the USA and other Asian countries.

Anatomy of the Jacobina biscuit

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Its square-shaped appearance makes the Jacobina unique. The Jacobina always comes in easy pocket-size and usually the main pack contains 10 smaller packs. It’s milky when you first taste it. The biscuit is very flakey which you rarely find on biscuits. And the layers and layers of thin squares make you grab for more and the taste kicks you with your childhood goodness.

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Why is it the best?

Photo from: Facebook/Kristian Noe Ignacio Romanaes

Jocobina is the best because the original flavor hasn’t changed since 1947. You won’t get tired of eating it because it’s always fresh and crispy. It’s perfect as a snack, merienda, or even best paired with coffee.

Being my childhood snack, Jacobina became my comfort food. I know it also resonates with everyone who has the chance to taste it. The Jacobina story isn’t just about the biscuit but the hardships of a small bakery in Mendez that eventually became successful and well-known.

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