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Death Note is back after 12 years for a new manga content

Death Note is back after 12 years for a new manga content

Death Note is officially making a surprise comeback after 12 years. A new installment also means a new owner of the notebook!

The new character Minoru Tanaka will be the center of the story. He is a boy who has been regarded as the most intelligent junior high school student in Japan.

Of course, expect for Ryuk the Shinigami who owns the Death Note. He will be once again serving a new owner “where Kira no longer exists.”

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According to a Japanese news site, the original mangaka Takeshi Obata and writer Tsugumi Ohba are returning to create the new manga installment.

The anime has gone through a lot of version such as live-action and it has even its Western version making. It is one of the most successful Japanese entertainment franchises of the modern era.

The anime is a story about precocious homicidal youth, their death god death enablers, and police investigators. The story is popularly known for its concept where a notebook with its personal rule can judge someone’s life through writing its name on it.

The new Death Note installment will be appearing as a double-length one-shot story with its 87 pages part on the March issue of monthly manga anthology Jump Square which goes on sale on February 4, 2020.

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