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Living Anime: Best Attack on Titan Cosplayers You Should Follow on TikTok

Living Anime: Best Attack on Titan Cosplayers You Should Follow on TikTok

The rise of TikTok becomes another getaway for cosplayers to show their passion. The global pandemic certainly contributed to the surge of cosplayers on TikTok in 2020.

Cosplay isn’t a new thing that only a few know about. It is already a thing not just in the anime or weeb community but also in movies, books, video games, and even music enthusiasts. Alodia Gosiengfiao, for example, is the most popular cosplayer in the Philippines who started cosplaying in 2003.

Photo | Alodia Gosiengfiao

At the same time, Attack on Titan is a popular anime with a lot of great cosplayers inside and outside TikTok. Here are some of the best Attack on Titan cosplayers you should check out and follow on the famed video community:


@pedrititox Responder a @janequanque #foryou#fyp#shingeki#eren#cosplay ♬ original sound – MAR.🤍

@pedrititox cosplays Eren Jaeger, the main character in Attack on Titan. Their exceptional looks is definitely almost identical to Season 4 Eren. Aside from being a cosplayer, pedrititox is also an artist.

Ange @lioko_cosplay

@lioko_cosplay 🙂 #leviackerman #attackontitan #fypシ ♬ Punk Tactics – Joey Valence & Brae

From the height, body frame, and hair, to the jaw, Ange or @lioko_cosplay is the real-life Levi Ackerman. lioko_cosplay is one of those cosplayers that you wish to meet in the real life because of their great portrayal of the character.


@alfyrise FAKE BODY ITS A FANART TIK TOK 😉 thank you! Credits art: @Daniel P 💥💥💳💳 #mikasacosplay #mikasaackerman ♬ original sound – CALL ME CECE💕

If you are looking for a Mikasa Ackerman cosplayer, you can consider @alfyrise as one of the best. Their take on Mikasa‘s looks from Attack on Titan’s Season 1 to 4 is practically the same in anime and in the manga, but with a touch of sexiness.

Ari @arimentieres

@arimentieres Crumbs #hangezoe #aot #attackontitan #hanji ♬ sonido original – Esteve

Girls love her, boys love her, everyone loves Hange Zoe, and @arimentieres did a great job in cosplaying her. Ari does not need any makeup to cosplay Hange, all they need is their glasses and a ponytail.

Ari also cosplays one of Attack on Titan’s commanders, Pyxis.

Gale @allthepotsnpans


i forgot i made this

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♬ only cool people use this sound – rubes

And the perfect Jean Kirstein cosplayer is here. Just like Ari, Gale or @allthepotsnpans just needs to draw a beard to complete Jean’s Season 4 look. Gale also cosplays other characters from different animes.


@ayfarmy Isayama whyyyy? #anime #aot #attackontitan #annieleonhart #shingekinokyojin ♬ Hayloft II – Mother Mother

Not a cosplay, but a twin. @ayfarmy cosplays one of the most badass female characters in Attack on Titan, Annie Leonhart. Their hair and their nose perfectly match Annie.

Photo | Attack on Titan

Cosplay as an art

Cosplaying is an art that takes time and effort to make. I believe all cosplayers are the best on their own. These people are just some of the great cosplayers you can find on TikTok.

Who is your favorite Attack on Titan cosplayer? Share yours in the comments!

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