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Rainy Days Can Be Your Chill Days — Here’s How

Rainy Days Can Be Your Chill Days — Here’s How

Cuddling in your blanket while curling your toes, do you know what to do in this rainy season? If not, here are some of my to-do-list in enjoying the cold weather.

Rainy Day
Photo Credits to Modern Trekker

Grab your coffee or milk or tea or any hot beverages.

This is the perfect moment to have your hot drinks. Of course, if you’re going to sip, you might also want to have a bite of some cookie, a Spanish bread or any pastries that would fit your taste.

Turn on the music and set the mood.

Have you listened to Buttercup by Jack Stauber, Here Comes the Sun by Beatles, Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish, Somebody Else by 1975, or Hold Me Tight by BTS? These are just some of my favourite songs every time the rain slides on my window pane. Rainy season is the best time to play your ethereal playlist.


Get the book you want to read.

This is the best opportunity for you to get on track with all the pending stories you have. The rainy day is also the best match for your creative imaginations. Reading is one of the productive habit to suffice your mind while waiting for the day ends.

Photo Credits to National Sleep Foundation

 Of course, Netflix or movie marathon is a “must”.

If you’re not alone, the downpour is the chance for you and your companion to sit down and relax on your couch. There is always happiness on watching with your love ones whether it is Asian or Western.

 Just enjoy the long day.

This is what I say when I just want to lay on my bed and surf the internet on my phone. Yes, just me and my bed. It is undeniably fact that rainy season makes us lazy to get out of bed. So, take your beauty rest before the sun shines!

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