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Book VS Ebook: What is your reading preference?

Book VS Ebook: What is your reading preference?

Reading is one of the life pleasures that humans just never seem to find time for. Ever since the digital era made it possible to read books on a small gadget, the hobby has been more accessible than ever. Books are not limited to solid printed materials anymore as the digital world opened the portal for the existence of ebooks. Now, you can read at your heart’s content with either a book or an ebook.

However, it cannot be denied that both books and ebooks have their own assets.

Flipping through the book’s pages.

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First of all, having printed material to read through makes the activity feel more authentic and stimulating. There are actual pages that you can flip through. You can use cute bookmarks to mark which part you are currently reading. Also, you can have the satisfaction of putting them on a shelf and arranging them for the aesthetic. Color coding, alphabetically, or by series, any of those arrangements would work. But, of course, one of the most satisfying experiences of reading a book is getting to sniff the brand new pages right after ripping off its plastic cover.

Scrolling on a screen.

Scientists Say: This is How E-Books Affect Your Cognitive Abilities - Good  e-Reader

An eBook has a lot of advantages as well. It is easier to store, especially because you use a gadget to read. You can literally have hundreds, thousands of novels on your phone or kindle simply by downloading ebooks. There is also an audiobook version for some of the eBooks and that makes it accessible to those who have trouble reading.

And, the most important thing, you can bring your gadget anywhere and read anytime. You can even lie down and read in the comforts of your bed. Aside from that, it is also much easier to share a copy with your friends, you can simply send it to them with a single click.

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There will always be an argument about whether it is better to read books or ebooks. Do you want to read and have the full experience of reading that engages most of your senses? Or would you prefer to read something more accessible and easier to store? In the end, it is all just preference, some like to flip on pages and others scroll on a screen.

The most important part of this activity is not the medium used but the action itself. Reading gives your mind food for thought; however, you want to do it is up to you.

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