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Self-Help Books Recommendation Online That Are Not “just” a Trend


Self-Help Books Recommendation Online That Are Not “just” a Trend

As most of us get comfortable with isolation, you’ll probably be swiping up and down in all your social media accounts to read a book recommendation online. And when it comes to books, self-help books are becoming more prominent and good acquaintances during our isolation.

But, the thing is, in social media, most of it is just overrated. The way some self-help books were hyped online makes us doubt their credibility. Perhaps you even tried following a recommendation online and regretted doing it after.

Don’t worry, we understand. If that’s your concern today, we intensively picked and listed down the self-help books recommendations on social media that are not “just” a trend.

Let’s start with…

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson

This one is always on the list in all posts when it comes to self-help books choices. It’s the top recommendation from influencers, book worms, and even bloggers for a reason.

Its overall purpose is to give a counterintuitive approach to living your life. It will intervene and break the assumptions of most writers regarding self-development – the positive, more decisive, and happier concept will change.

Trust us when we say it offers a complete opposite way of looking at your life. This self-help book will teach you to be selective in giving your attention and time but be humble simultaneously.

Perfect for people looking for a new perspective in life and for people who are not scared to start again.

You may also want to check its part two: Everything is F*ck: A book about Hope

The The Mountain is You: Transforming self-sabotage into self-mystery by Brianna Wiest

From the tagline itself, this self-help book is about conquering self-sabotage within you. It will help you understand yourself more. And you will know why you are letting yourself be stuck and be filled with doubts.

Plus, mountains symbolize our big challenges, especially those that seem insurmountable, and that is no other than yourself.

The only way to climb our mountains is to do the deep work of exploring our past trauma, building resilience, and adjusting our approach during the climb –

That’s why it is gaining attention from people online.

It’s perfect for you if you are currently preventing yourself from enjoying your full credibility because of doubts.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Well, everyone is eager to be financially literate, including us. We want to handle our finances wisely and, more importantly, to control our wants—assets over liability.

Therefore, it’s inevitable that everyone recommends it. This self-help book will help you determine the difference between how a rich and poor dad teaches their son about money, which most of us can relate to.

That’s why don’t second guess when someone online recommends it to you. It’s worth your time.

See Also

Perfect for young adults and adults.

You’re Not Enough (and that’s okay) by Allie Beth Stuckery

You’ll probably keep seeing a post about how important self-love is, which is also correct. The promise of being successful and complete corresponds with loving ourselves first. However, that sometimes can drain us.

Many people are addicted to being fulfilled in the pursuit of self-love. And in any post you’ll see, this is always the topic. But, this book will guide you to strive for self-acceptance instead of self-love.

This self-help book will encourage you love yourself just the way you are and embrace what comes with it.

You may also want to read this once you’re done with “the mountain is you.” It might be the combination you never thought you needed.

Perfect for everyone who is looking for the right self-love.

The following are just a few life-changing self-help books that would make you discover and improve yourself. You’ll uncover more as you try to find the greatness within you.

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