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DCEU’s ‘Black Adam’ movie is taking form with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson leading the cast

DCEU’s ‘Black Adam’ movie is taking form with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson leading the cast

The DC Extended Universe’s Golden Age is afoot. Several movies (like The Flash) are slated for release in the next couple of years. One of these movies is Black Adam. The DCEU’s going nowhere but forward.




Black Adam (or Prince Teth-Adam of Kahndaq) is a supervillain and eventual anti-hero. He comes from 1200 B.C. Egypt, and he’s the son of Ramses the Pharaoh. His abilities were given by the same Wizard who gave Billy Batson his powers as the new Shazam. Instead of gaining the Wizard’s exact powers, Teth-Adam was somehow bestowed with the power of six Egyptian gods as a result. Although, Teth-Adam still needs to say “Shazam” to turn into Black Adam.



Supposedly the Wizard’s predecessor, Black Adam virtually has the same power as Shazam. Whereas Shazam get his juices from six Greco-Roman deities, Black Adam is backed by six Egyptian gods.

Shu’s stamina

Black Adam is immortal, and he’s invulnerable to most extreme physical assaults. Additionally, he doesn’t need food, water, or air to survive.

Heru’s swiftness

Although not as fast as the Flash, Black Adam can run and fly ten times the speed of sound on Earth. On the other hand, he can zip through space in light speed.

Amon’s strength

He’ considered the strongest metahuman on Earth. He isn’t Superman level, but he can punch through solid steel as well as lift massive objects easily.

Zehuti’s wisdom

With superhuman knowledge at his disposal, he can recall thousands of years’ worth of info — even if it isn’t his. He’s an omnilingual and a clairvoyant.

Aton’s power

With his electrokinesis, he can summon lightning at will and create deadly and blinding attacks.

Mehen’s courage

He’s granted superhuman willpower. This makes him even fiercer in combat. Consequently, he becomes less susceptible to mental attacks.




Not much is known about the movie’s premise until now. However, it’s most likely an origin movie and a prequel to 2019’s Shazam! Although, reports suggest that the Justice Society of America will have a role in the movie. The JSA predates the Justice League, and they were established during the Golden Age of Comics in the 1940s. Most of the Justice League’s founding members were part of the JLA.

For the movie, it appears that the JLA will showcase four members. How they interact with Black Adam and why these four heroes specifically are still up for debate. But let’s get to meet the cast first.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as BLACK ADAM

Dwayne Johnson as Black AdamCourtesy of Dwayne Johnson’s YouTube channel
Black Adam in Justice LeagueCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Dwayne Johnson is the titular supervillain-slash-antihero.


Aldis Hodge as HAWKMAN

Aldis Hodge in Black Adam
Courtesy of Paramount Home Entertainment’s “Leverage” series
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Aldis Hodge is the ancient Egyptian, Khufu, who’ll be reincarnated as Carter Hall a.k.a Hawkman.


Noah Centineo as ATOM SMASHER

Noah Centineo in Black Adam

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Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Noah Centineo is Albert Rothstein. He’s a metahuman with superhuman strength. He can to grow up to 60 feet with no problem.


Quintessa Swindell as CYCLONE

Quintessa Swidell in Black AdamCourtesy of Netflix’s “Trinkets” series
Courtesy of DC Comics

Quintessa Swindell will portray Maxine Hunkel. As Cyclone, she can manipulate wind current. In addition, she can control sound waves to a certain degree.


Pierce Brosnan as DOCTOR FATE

Pierce Brosnan in Black AdamCourtesy of Lionsgate Premiere’s “Urge” movie
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Pierce Brosnan will play Kent Nelson a.k.a Doctor Fate. He’s one of the members who founded the JSA. On the other hand, he possesses an infinite control over magic.


Black Adam‘s principal photography begins this April. For now, it’s set to release on December 22, 2021.





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