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Before and After: Filipina celebrities with undeniable beauty

Before and After: Filipina celebrities with undeniable beauty

You might notice how Filipina celebrities post throwback photos from their younger years. Recently, a photo of Kris Aquino in her teenage years suddenly went viral. She carries this undeniable beauty then and now, and netizens showered their admiration for the actress-host.

Yet, aside from Kris, there are more Filipina celebrities that can be considered living vampires. They look ageless as if still looking like when they were young, even today. Spot the difference if you can.

Filipina Celebrities with undeniable beauty before and after

Sharon Cuneta

Filipina Celebrity Sharon Cuneta
Pinterest & Manila Bulletin

Our Megastar Sharon Cuneta not only shines because of her singing, acting, and hosting abilities, but also with beauty she holds. The picture on your left is a major throwback and you will notice the innocence of her beauty. Yet, look at her now. She looked like she never aged.

Dawn Zulueta

Filipina Celebrity Dawn Zulueta

The jaw-dropping beauty of Dawn Zulueta never fails to turn heads. She is another Filipina actress that everyone looks up to because of her ageless beauty. In an Instagram post, she surprised netizens with a picture of herself growing white hair. Yet, it is all part of life and her pretty face still stands out.

Sunshine Cruz

Instagram | @sunshinecruz718

Filipina actress Sunshine Cruz will make you really believe that age is just a number. She is looking sexy and young in her 40s. That is why it is no question that her children Angelina, Samantha, and Angel got her genes containing stunning beauty and talent, as well. Whenever they post pictures together, you can never tell that it is a picture of a mother and her daughters. They just look like sisters!

Carmina Villarroel

abs-cbn & Instagram | @mina_villarroel

Here is Filipina actress Carmina Villarroel. Netizens usually call the relationship between her and her husband Zoren Legaspi as ‘couple goals’. Maybe it is because they both look so fine and youthful at their age? Maybe it is just a bonus of having both great genes. Even before, Carmina holds an exceptional beauty, and women in their times would envy her looks. Until now, she still got the beauty that every woman would wants to have.

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Lea Salonga

Page Six

Who would not know this woman? A Tony award-winning actress-singer and one of the Philippines’ pride in the music industry. Lea Salonga is not only a great singer but also a beautiful woman that no one can resist. She can stun with both long and short hair. Her unbelievable techniques for singing never fade like her beauty, even before until present.

There are still more celebrity women in the Philippines that would capture your attention. Even at their age, they look young, making you believe that vampires really exist.

Ever wonder how is it possible? One thing is for sure, this only comes with discipline and love for yourself.

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