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#BeautyTok PH: 6 Filipino TikTokers as your beauty besties!

#BeautyTok PH: 6 Filipino TikTokers as your beauty besties!

TikTok has been a huge source of inspiration, tutorials, and advice in the beauty world. The glow-up of this social media app welcomes the #BeautyTok or the beauty side of TikTok, which aims to give its users a more casual and comfortable platform where they can showcase their true selves while having fun. People can now watch bite-sized and straight-to-the-point content that the platform provides. Since beauty on TikTok is diverse and for everyone, what does it mean for a Filipino user searching for beauty tips and tricks?

Endlessly scrolling on TikTok may give you a wide range of choices of content creators you can rely on if you are looking for beauty inspo, however, this may land you on international beauty creators who have huge followings and promotes Western ideals of beauty. But in this article, if you are looking to educate yourself on makeup hacks and finding the right products.

Here are six Filipino Tiktokers that will help you highlight your Filipino beauty!

1. Teree Daisuke (@tereedaisuke)

With over 750k followers, scrolling through Teree Daisuke’s feed will give you lots of makeup tutorials, especially for beginners! His series, a ‘Beginner’s Guide’ to Makeup shows stellar product recommendations and a detailed step-by-step guide on applying your makeup. Teree also became distinguished in creating several makeup looks such as the pageant makeup look, simple and fresh everyday makeup look, the Meredith Duxbury makeup challenge, and many more!


Want to see what look I can create using these products? 🥰💖 #makeup #makeupkit #makeupkits #beginnermakeup #beauty

♬ How`s Your Day – aAp Vision

2. Lierge Perey (@pereylierge on ig)

Clean girl and soft glam is the name of the game on Lierge’s makeup tutorials. This Gen-Z TikToker uses her platform to normalize skin textures, especially with makeup on and she also refuses to use beauty filters on her videos that stand against unrealistic beauty standards on social media. Her account also shows fun get-ready-with-me videos and dress-up inspirations and recommendations.

3. Nate Javier (@missnatemakeup)

This professional makeup artist turned into a content creator during the pandemic is a certified #BeautyTok expert. Miss Nate’s videos have garnered a remarkable 25.4 million likes for his brazen style of self and beauty on social media. He also created a TikTok series, Miss Nate Help Desk, where people can send makeup-related queries on his Instagram account, and he will give an in-depth answer on his TikTok page. With his amazing beauty tips and light funny aura, a perfect way to keep his viewers engaged while consistently creating helpful content. 


Please be seated, class is in session! 5 MINUTES KASI MAGANDA ANG EXPLANATION BWESIT TAS MAY MAGCOCOMMENT “paano po pag round face?” #beautyph

♬ original sound – missnatemakeup on IG – missnatemakeup on IG

4. Marj Maroket (@marjmaroket)

This proud morena beauty is a must-follow TikTok influencer as she advocates embracing your own skin and beauty while giving tips and tutorials on how you can enhance it, with wonderful product recommendations that will help morena girls out there to highlight their beauty. She also gives attention to homegrown brands, flaunting excellent quality makeup products that are both accessible and affordable for Filipinos. 


let’s go back to basics 🫶🏽

♬ original sound – marj – marj

5. Kai Javier (@kaijavier)

This beauty influencer, entrepreneur, and on her way to becoming a professional makeup artist was popular on TikTok for her bold, bright, and colorful glam makeup looks to simple makeup looks that will accentuate tan skin girls out there. She also calls for local brands to produce more complexion products that are inclusive for all skin tones. Her get-ready-with-me videos encourage people to explore their creativity and versatility while putting makeup on!

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6. Janica Bayangos (@janicabayangos)

This micro-influencer with almost 64 thousand followers has become popular for giving tips on how to make your makeup looks good in real life. Janica also advocates for people with acne-prone skin. She also gives guides on how to have a more flattering makeup look and shows them that this can’t stop them from wearing one. She also gives affordable makeup and fashion products recommendation, especially for budgetary viewers!

In this local beauty landscape, succinct with their beauty reviews, these Filipino beauty influencers are really changing the game when searching for beauty content. It’s like having online peers who you can turn to when looking for product tips, reviews, and recommendations.

Thanks to these Tiktokers for cultivating a platform that is inclusive of Filipino beauty and giving their viewers a familiar comfort when asking for beauty inspo!

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