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7 simple poses to look better in Instagram photos according to Maymay Entrata

7 simple poses to look better in Instagram photos according to Maymay Entrata

Instagram has become a virtual photo book for our fashion influencers or local celebrities. As effortless and casual as their photos look, it’s no walk in the park. Actress Maymay Entrata is one of the few Instagram personalities who can turn their Instagram photos into magazine-worthy pieces.

In this article, we listed down Maymay Entrata’s top 5 Instagram poses to inspire your next social media post.

Kili-kili flaunt

This pose is perfect for your summer getaway photos. Using the beach view sunset as your backdrop, you can be the beach goddess you always aspire to be.

Look down, Mama

This is one of the go-to poses of influencers on Instagram. Wear your chic outfit, give a smize, and shoot.

Step way back

Let the surroundings of your landscape take center stage. Let yourself immerse in your beautiful surroundings. Be a part of the majestic view.

Look back

Get pretty with your effortless over the shoulder “glance back.” This one is an all-time favorite.

Focus on me

Your face is your biggest asset. This close-up shot speaks power and command attention.


Feel the air

Another option for your beach photos. Channel your inner island princess.


Strut, not walk

Imagine you’re attending Paris fashion Week. Let paparazzi feast with your beauty and grace.


What’s your favorite photo of Maymay Entrata? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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