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Today is Saturday, September 22, 2018

#VPFashion: Mark Ranque is about to dominate local fashion industry

By: VP Team  |  September 21, 2018
Rising fashion stylist Mark Ranque gets candid about his humble beginnings and biggest dreams. Unforeseen Opportunities Mark Ranque’s fondness of ...

Maine Mendoza's lipstick shade for MAC is out!

By: VP Contributor  |  September 19, 2018
THIS IS NOT A DRILL. After much anticipation from fans and make-up enthusiasts not just in the Philippines but around the world, Maine Mendoza, ...

Crystal Bridal Fair is an anniversary event for a cause

By: VP Team  |  September 18, 2018
Zandra Lim of Zandra Lim Designs wanted more for her 15th anniversary as a fashion designer than a gala or an announcement. She wanted it to be ...

Filipina transgender destroys stereotypes through modelling

By: VP Contributor  |  September 17, 2018
We have gone far, thankfully, in embracing the fact that the LGBTQIA+ community are no less than others, in fact most of them have reached ...

This Trans-Pinay Model is making history in the fashion scene

By: VP Contributor  |  September 17, 2018
Filipinas do more and achieve more. You know why? Because they of all people, know what it's like to be the underdog. With that, they do ...

Danarra Aroma Therapy Oil is here to save you

By: Krissa Lara Amiel Toldanes  |  September 14, 2018
Our lives are filled with hustle and bustle, from stressful transportation, to workloads, and other stuff that bugs our mind from our day-to-day ...

Meet the free-spirited digital vagabond, Christian Tiu

By: VP Contributor  |  September 13, 2018
There's more to life when you are young. You get to travel more and go to events, maximizing every experience ahead of you. This is how social ...

You would definitely agree that Miss Keith is a master of styling

By: VP Contributor  |  September 10, 2018
Endless snapshots are expected once a celebrity enters any room. But if it's a celebrity who's styled by THE Miss Keith Angelo, it is so much ...

Zandra Lim marks 15th anniversary with charity event

By: VP Team  |  September 8, 2018
To mark her 15th anniversary as a bridal gown designer, Zandra Lim is giving back with Crystal Bridal Fair at Discovery Primea in Makati City on ...

Model Brent Lim's personal style is aesthetically pleasing

By: VP Contributor  |  September 8, 2018
A person's sense of individuality can speak a lot about his/herself. How you present yourself to other people also vary depending on your ...

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