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Changing Your Career Path: It’s totally fine to have a change of heart

Changing Your Career Path: It’s totally fine to have a change of heart

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It’s totally fine to have a change of career path in times when you will have to choose between work and passion. If that’s the case, choose your passion more. Your passion can make you feel more fulfilled. To add to this, there is nothing wrong with being practical. However, most of the time, doing what truly makes you happy is much more worthy of time.

There are people that I’ve encountered who aren’t happy with their college courses. And, the reason why is because they entered it because they had no other choice. However, they still managed to enjoy the learning process because of the people around them.

Moreover, they may feel a slight pressure as what they truly want is not inclined with the course that they’ve taken. Looking at the brighter side, they can get the takeaways from their learnings at school.

Just to shed some light, it’s definitely fine to pursue what a person really wants right after college.

Practically speaking, you also have the choice of whether you still want pursue the career that you are taking.

You can also use that as a stepping stone towards what you really want. Furthermore, you may take that career for years just to gain more experience and for the benefits that you can get.

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However, as soon as you decided to take your dream job, never mind people’s words of disappointment. Just go and do what makes you happy! Don’t mind the years spent learning. You can still study again as gaining more knowledge does not depend on age.

Changing your career path and choosing your passion does not mean that you are impractical.

When you’re stressed but you love what you’re doing, you are with your passion. However, if you’re stressed but not happy with what you’re doing, that would just drain you, so better choose your passion. And when you’re choosing your passion, it’s not wrong to feel pressured and stressed because that’s given in any job.

You can still profit from doing what you love. You only have one life to live, so choose what makes you happy.

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