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Why are Filipinos loving social media even more?

Why are Filipinos loving social media even more?

If you were given a chance to choose between watching television, reading a book, or watching a video on Facebook, what would you choose? You would probably choose the latter. It seems other forms of media are out of trend. And, Filipinos are more into social media in this new age.

In 2020, the Philippines bagged the title of the social media capital of the world. According to a 2020’s report, Filipinos spend an average of 102,054 hours of their life on a network platform. It also seems that Filipinos trust it more than any other media based on the 5th Philippine Trust Index survey in 2017. 

A report from Grit PH six in every ten Filipinos use social media. There are 73 million social media users in the Philippines which comprise 63% population of the country.

There are reasons why Filipinos are more into social media than any other form of media.

First, communication.

Filipinos are known to be friendly and love interactions. Unlike traditional mass media like television and radio, social media provides connections with other people. Using these kinds of platforms, users can interact with posts, and videos, and send and receive messages.

Filipinos love to be heard. Other forms of media do not have the ability to provide the interaction that Filipinos love. For instance, you cannot directly comment on a television show or give any positive or negative response. While radio stations may accept call requests from listeners, they cannot give the satisfaction of interaction brought by social media.

The second reason revolves around the entertainment that social media can bring to its users.

Social media platform YouTube lets users entertain themselves with things that interest them. You can watch videos, listen to music, read, or listen to audiobooks. With other forms of media, you can just do it one at a time.

Watch shows on television or just listen to the radio. You cannot watch it on the radio or just listen to some music on television. Filipinos are finding social media more entertaining than any other form of media like traditional media.

Third, using social media is more convenient and practical than traditional media.

Filipinos usually work for eight hours or more in a day. They are mostly not in their own homes where most of the traditional mass media are. You cannot bring television and radio anywhere you want.

Social media platforms, on the other hand, are just one click away from using a smartphone. With the internet, Filipinos can access social media anywhere and anytime at no expense.

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Other forms of media need extra effort to access (e.g. opening a television/radio at home). Some other forms of media might also require extra expense (e.g. buying a newspaper/book/batteries for radio) to have access.

Thus, social media provides easier accessibility and is more practical than traditional media.

They say that we are in the age of social media where everything is more interactive. Everyone has a better connection with each other around the world, more fun, and more convenient.

Filipinos as consumers show a significant interest in consuming social media than any other media. Nowadays, they are more likely to be into using social media than any other media. It seems that traditional media are out of trend and social media keeps getting popular. 

On the other hand, if Filipinos keep ignoring other forms of media, they might eventually die. Just like what’s happening on print media.

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