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We’re sad because Netflix canceled lesbian-led shows and here’s why

We’re sad because Netflix canceled lesbian-led shows and here’s why

Netflix has continuously disappointed fans and members of the LGBTQ+ community as it cancels television shows with queer main characters. Such representation doesn’t happen often on television or in movies. Although Hollywood has started to make more films catered towards marginalized communities, it often feels forced.

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Netflix cancels lesbian-led shows

In August, Netflix canceled two lesbian-led shows. This includes  I Am Not Okay With This and Atypical. Then, in October, they canceled GLOW. Aside from that, the streaming service has also canceled queer-led shows like The Society, The Get Down, Sense8, One Day At A Time, and Everything Sucks. Of course, these decisions prompted rage and disappointment from fans and Netflix viewers, in general.

Complaints record that they simply cannot understand the reason behind the cancellation – especially since they have an established viewership and good critical reception. Inquiries started to raise as fans question how these shows couldn’t survive when low-brow movies and shows with pitiful critical reception *ahem, Riverdale, Kissing Booth, ahem* have continually been renewed year after year.

I Am Not Okay With This

Maybe Netflix hates lesbians?

Typically, Netflix has much better representation when it comes to gay males in their shows. When people talk about gay culture, they usually talk about gay male culture. For example, Queer Eye has run for five seasons to the tune of massive support and success. Plus, their sixth season has already been commissioned. However, there aren’t any similar Netflix shows that could potentially represent lesbians.

Lesbian representation is so far behind the lack of representation for gay men and it’s kinda disappointing. I mean, I’m not accusing Netflix of this. It’s not just them, it’s a problem with all television networks as well. Obviously, it’s not getting better as the lack of representation still remains an issue with the streaming service as they cancel these shows.


Lesbians clamor for lesbian shows.

Lesbians love watching shows with lesbians in it. However, the worst part of this is the Kill Your Lesbians or Bury Your Gays trope in every show ever. These tropes refer to the tendencies for showrunners to kill off their lesbian characters. There’s even whole research from LGBT Fans Deserve Better dedicated to educating people on the importance of positive LGBTQ+ representation in the media. They recorded 62 lesbian and female bisexual characters killed just within two televisions seasons.

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As a bisexual woman, I’ve watched too many shows that centered around a heterosexual romance that I would ship two female characters together even when they shared just one second of screen time. I just want some prominent lesbian characters in shows where the main focus wouldn’t be their struggles as a lesbian. It feels better to see them living their life and they just happen to be a lesbian. They’re not going to die and the show won’t get canceled after one season.


That shouldn’t be hard to ask for, right?

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