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VP/Catalog: Top Tech Bloggers in the Philippines


VP/Catalog: Top Tech Bloggers in the Philippines

Gone were the days that we just simply go to the mall and buy a phone, laptop, or earphones. Before making a big purchase on gadgets and devices, we seek information and comparisons from tech bloggers.

Top 1 to 10 Tech Bloggers

There are many Filipino bloggers on tech. They make detailed unboxing and reviews of the latest smartphone releases and even accessories over the years. We, in the Village Pipol Magazine, have curated a list of top local bloggers in the field of technology. 

To properly yet easily measure the best of the best or the real Top Tech Bloggers of our country, we based the list on their followers on Facebook, one of the biggest social media platforms our generation has, accessible to almost everyone.

1. GadgetMatch

GadgetMatch is said to be the everyday consumer’s source for technology news, reviews, videos, and buying advice. Currently, they have teams in New York, Singapore, Germany, India, and Manila.

2. Yugatech

YugaTech is a technology website based in the Philippines. It was founded and is owned by blogger Abe Olandres, who is also known by his username “Yuga”.

3.  NoypiGeeks

Started in March 2012,  NoypiGeeks grew from being a one-man blog to a dedicated 4-man team of writers. Adam Parnala is the editor-in-chief of this tech-oriented blog.


Their name is derived from the word “Gizmo” which means gadgets and “Guide”. The main goal of this site is to help everyone decide with their gadget needs by any means. The team consists of PJ Icogo as founder, his two co-founders, tech editors, and contributors.

5. Unbox PH

According to its EIC Carlo Ople, Unbox PH is like a techie friend. It is like a go-to person for advice about the gadgets you are eyeing to buy.

6. Gadget Pilipinas

Gadget Pilipinas is one of the Philippines’ top sources for news, tutorials, reviews, and tips. They champion the latest trends in technology, gadgets, social and digital media, and cyberculture. It is founded in 2009 by Gian Viterbo.

7. Back2gaming

Back2Gaming is all about tech and gaming reviews. The website covers the gaming scene with an emphasis on gaming, DIY, system building, system optimization, and reviews. Back2Gaming provides news and updates for its readers with an emphasis on real talk that only B2G can offer. Then, it will provide not only useful information but insightful thoughts and opinions on video game-related topics.

8. Manila Shaker

Manila Shaker is a premier tech blog in the country. They also cover video reviews and comparisons in their YouTube channel.

9. Ungeek PH

UnGeek is the fastest-growing premier geek blog based in the Philippines. UnG has been making waves in the local and international geek and gaming scene. The tech outlet is born out of, one of the country’s top tech and gadget media outfits.

10. Tech Pinas

TechPinas is the Philippine Technology Blog. “TP” aims to chronicle the latest technology news that affects Filipinos everywhere in the world among other general techie stuff. This is all in reader-friendly blog format. Its primary vision is to share specs and beyond to help build a tech-informed, tech-empowered nation.

Top 11 to 20 Tech Bloggers

11. Teknogadgyet

This site was founded by Anjie Lou M. Delos Reyes in May 2013. As the name suggests, the blog was established to inform Filipino consumers about the current news and trends about gadgets and technologies.

12. Revü

Started by Alora Uy Guerrero and Ramon Lopez, Revü is a tech-oriented website. It is based in the Philippines that aims to deliver quality content across relevant platforms.

13. Technobaboy

Launched in 2011, Technobaboy is managed by tech enthusiast and self-admitted geek Bryan Rilloraza. He has an extensive background in corporate communications, marketing services, and customer relations from various industries including telecommunications and banking.

14. Jam Online is a PH-based tech website that talks about the latest devices and gadget reviews. Computer- Engineering graduate Jam Ancheta is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of this blog.

15. Pinoy Techo Guide

Pinoy Techno Guide was founded in April 2012. It aims to provide helpful information about the latest technology news, specs & reviews of gadgets. In addition to this, they post step-by-step tech guides, comparisons, and pricelists.

16. Newsbytes

Newsbytes.PH is an ICT news website established by veteran tech journalists in May 2010. In a nutshell, the site strives to bring to local readers all locally-relevant ICT news and product information.

17. Tech Patrol

Tech Patrol is an ultra-active technology blog founded in March 2010 by Rafael Pedrajita. The goal of the blog is to help consumer readers in their purchasing decisions.

18. Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts

Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts is a tech media channel. It specializes in PC hardware reviews, gadget reviews, lifestyle tech, and games. They strive to give the most comprehensive reviews, insights and unboxing videos to guide their audience with their product options

19. Pinoy Metro Geek

Started as a personal-tech site, Pinoy Metro Geek is a content-driven blog that covers everything about technology. They are geeking out with every relevant issue in social media and promoting social good. This is aside from news, reviews, and business releases that they regularly provide.

20. Tech Pilipinas

Tech Pilipinas was established by Luis Reginaldo Medilo. He is a blogger, writer, and web designer from Bohol, Philippines.

Note: Village Pipol Team will add another batch to this list of tech bloggers every month. Stay tuned for updates. If you want your favorite website to be included in next quarter’s ranking, you can email us at Our team will review if your suggested tech blogger joins the top list based on acebook followers.

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